Effective ways to ruin your relationship with your customers

Effective ways to ruin your relationship with your customers

Companies strive to get customers. They put every effort to make themselves known, to become ubiquitous and design proposals that encourage them to be chosen in the first instance. But what happens once they gain the customer?

Efforts to retain existing customers leave much to be desired by the companies. Especially due to a lack of awareness internally about the importance of cultivating satisfied customers. The vocation of service is absent; which translates into a fragile commitment from customers, who do not hesitate to leave marks, as it arises opportunity.

Effective ways to ruin your relationship with your customersThe article Inc shows a long list of ways that the company can ruin the relationship with its customers. Of these, we extract the main defects that characterize companies with low or no commitment to its customers:

The company needs take precedence over those of the client. The pricing strategy, resource economics and maximizing profits are put before the study and knowledge of the customer, in order to meet their needs and design products to its mean. The sole purpose is to sell, no matter what will come next.

For employees, customers are inconvenient when they should consider them as the main asset of the company. Consider them a nuisance, something not to worry, or to think about, when designing your strategy.

Communication with the client is absent. The companies have no choice but to respond, at the insistence of his clients to claim their attention. But they do not have the appropriate means or strategy, nor have established the necessary channels to promote and manage customer feedback.

They think about selling before meet. Customers do not buy products, but experiences. This means that customers are attracted to and enjoy with those brands that provide more than a simple product. They want to acquire part of the essence of the firm, identified with its message and have the full assurance that the company will be there in case they need. Surely the product is good, and will fulfill its role; It is what it should be; but that is not enough to win the customer. The experience with the company will not be exceeded customer expectations, and therefore will not get reach your heart.

Customers are treated as a number. After this initial identification hide real people with real feelings, real needs and a high level of demand to satisfy. This implies a sincere concern of brands a personalized treatment and a thorough understanding of their needs and preferences.

Companies can die of success. The fact that their numbers are positive, and the projection of the enviable company does not mean they should neglect the pillars of this achievement customers. At the time when these put their trust in the company, and it will not be able to live up to their circumstances, they will choose to go for an alternative that does.

The strategy customer is not subject to continuous updating. The company needs to adapt to the new needs of its customers and evolve with them. This involves proper planning process, which includes having a strategy of comprehensive management of customer experience in order to facilitate any process, making contact and conflict resolution professional and committed.

Companies fail in their commitment to the customer. Companies need to keep their word. The commitment to its customers at the time of purchase should not only be maintained, but as it evolves enrich the relationship with the customer. It is a way to feed their confidence and encourage loyalty.

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