The Dos and Don’ts of Property Viewing

The Dos and Don’ts of Property Viewing

Searching for your dream home can be both exciting and stressful. After finding on paper what looks to be a possible option, the next step is to contact the agent or the vendor to arrange a viewing.
During a house viewing, prospective buyers can look at a property inside and out and also have a look at the surrounding environment. It is an opportunity to visualise how their lifestyle would fit into the space on offer and evaluate whether any improvements or renovations are needed.

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Follow these dos and don’t to ensure that you get the most from your house viewing experience.


Third-time viewings are less likely to prompt an offer. Therefore if you are still unsure after a second viewing, you may receive a cooler reception from the seller with a third.

Try to keep first viewings as being accompanied by your partner/spouse or a friend only. And never bring more than four people to any viewing.

The property particulars will include all the floor measurements and dimensions; therefore it is unnecessary to take a tape measure on first viewings.

Always ask before taking photographs in someone’s home. This is deemed bad manners unless absolutely necessary and permission has been sought beforehand.

Vendors are usually proud of their homes, and it would be unkind and bad-mannered to negatively talk about their décor in front of them.

Don’t be tempted to speak to the neighbours on the first viewing: this could be premature. It is more acceptable to chat to locals and neighbours after an offer has been accepted.

Try to arrange childcare so that children do not accompany you on first viewings. Some vendors could find the presence of children a little imposing or overwhelming, and they could be a distraction.

Conveyancing Services

Enlisting the help of a professional conveyancing service can minimise stress and streamline the whole process when buying your dream home. An expert conveyancer is a first point of contact between the agent, you, the client and the instructed solicitor, ensuring that the sale proceeds as quickly as possible and is kept on track.

For professional and expert advice on the conveyancing process when buying a home, visit There is no need to sift through a multitude of nearby or local professionals and focus on a conveyancing solicitor near me. Many professional services offer nationwide conveyancing and can complete many aspects of your case via Skype or similar.

Many conveyancers offer a complete service under the convenient terms of a fixed fee pricing structure, giving you one less expense to worry about when buying your dream home.

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