How can you take advantage of the holidays to connect with your customers

How can you take advantage of the holidays to connect with your customers

When we think of Christmas we come to the multitude of things unrelated to your professional activity , but it is true that it is in these special dates where your customers relax a bit and have to say somehow guard somewhat lower mind, you can take advantage to launch some actions around:

  • Loyalty or reward your most important customers
  • Launch promotions or discounts that encourage holiday shopping
  • Make a campaign of “Christmas branding” original to help bring your business to new customers or to endear your brand to the general public which never hurts

How can you take advantage of the holidays to connect with your customersActions to connect with your customers in Christmas

These are some of the actions that can be considered to have a positive impact:

1- Original Christmas greetings: When a simple greeting what is sought is that your own customers remember your brand but originality or creativity is not the end but is the means to a set goal. In this case, if you are looking for a fun or funny time remaining in the retina of some customers have to go in line with what usually express the brand normally not to lose credibility with it. Here I leave you with an original and funny greeting:

2 Exclusive promotions for customers with a Christmas tune: At the moment where high volumes are buying is a good opportunity to reward those who purchase during the year and have in your company spending more sustained and less seasonal. You can address these shares with exclusive discounts, a Christmas gift or benefit in the after – sales service for instance.

3- “Storytelling” Christmas: Sometimes can take advantage of the “atmosphere” of Christmas, harmony and good wishes to create, stories, tales or similar formats that help connect your brand with your customers. It is also a good tool to convey certain values related to Christmas. Here I present what he did last year Cartier taking advantage of these dates:

4- Decorate your website with Christmas designs: Really any excuse is good to update your website and may seem silly but customers like to see in your selling point that you have taken the trouble to change a little the facade and pod give it a joy.

5- Contests or Christmas challenges: This is also a good time to launch some photo contests Christmas or challenge your customers for example to papa noel dresses recorded with a major incentive. There and creativity of each to motivate and connect with your community of potential customers.

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