6 foolproof methods “lose” customers

6 foolproof methods “lose” customers

When you’re in front of your computer with the firm intention to build a marketing plan focused on attracting new customers, the often mistake is to assume certain elements , which apparently are easier to take but at the end of the day They can be great triggers for leakage or loss of customers .

Therefore the marketing plan should focus on:

– What techniques will be used to attract traffic qualified to transform them into customers

– What are the elements to take into account not throw away all the good previous

6 foolproof methods lose customersMethods to lose clients

Well, once we entered in the field we can find the following methods to our priority: to lose customers:

1- Not having a “responsive” design for mobile: If you sell online or your website is essential to capture leads, if the user will see for some mobile and your web is not ready I hate to be so radical but are outside. I at least do not buy ever…

2- Charging time too slow page: This is an issue we take for granted that the charging time will be “normal” and that if not so the user does not have good internet connection honestly not cost nothing to make a small test, you can do with the tool google insight pagespeed. Besides mobile measure also will give you some quick tips on how to improve these problems.

3- Logistical and transportation problems: Say what you can slack off here is the part of back-office if he does not get along can create much dissatisfaction building a major focus of customer churn. The most common problems are:

  • Crossing orders: that the customer will get another order
  • Delivery times too long
  • Return Policies very rigid

4- Problems web design and usability: You need to sell a good atmosphere and that the process of buying intuitive and easy to use. So that you can stay with something concrete I give some notes on this subject and collating so if you are on the right track with your ecommerce project:

  • The cart has to go top right
  • Links should go highlighted with another color to identify themselves as such
  • The main menu must be maintained on all pages
  • Click on the logo you back to the home page
  • You can make great pictures when you put your mouse over

5- Not provide maximum user safety: You think that is very mature market there is still a certain level of mistrust online stores that’ll have to handle. For this I recommend the following:

  • Pay and published on your web a stamp online trust you something back
  • Post some references of a government agency that guarantees your activity
  • Make visible some positive feedback from customers and are honest

6- Not provide flexibility to the user: the areas where you can apply this maxim are:

  • In payment methods: Enter more than one, PayPal and credit card for example
  • In the avenues of contact: to be 100% in this issue you can have email, phone, chat and social networks related to your activity.

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