When fans and followers are not enough for companies and brands

When fans and followers are not enough for companies and brands

We traveled through the cycle of the influence and relevance, brands are increasingly feeling that their contents should be made from the information obtained from the interaction with their followers.

Customers become ambassadors and for this, brands must be able to generate a unique experience, personalized marketing and advertising in the media (brand) is the message.

Crowdsourcing and loyalty

Moreover, the current production model is based on the combination of knowledge, experiences and learning, resulting in the exaltation of Crowdsourcing, from which truly build a network.

When fans and followers are not enough for companies and brandsSocial media gives brands access to a universe of users for free what should be sufficient to develop campaigns that allow making profits, but it is not.

Today’s consumer is increasingly more prepared and more demanding, it has discovered that the contents are not only giving them the answers, but and mainly, the information from which they can become champions of their brands achieving with it a set benefit.

The “likes” and “tweets” are no longer sufficient.

Companies looking to consolidate as relating need “love” of their customers, need long-term equally they need their friends and family for efficient promotion of his first actions in Social Media establishing relations.

The strategy now is moving in one dimension: interaction arising from each “like” and not the action per se, is what makes the difference between established brands and those only, popular.

The great challenge focuses on the transformation of companies in inexhaustible sources of content to provide information, entertainment and utility, commercial activity has ceased to be attractive and above all, profitable.

The “love” of customers beyond the “I like”, the measure of success of companies

The measure of success of the most established brands lies not in how many followers or followers accumulates, relevance and influence tangibly measured from loyalty.

Raising levels of participation has become the main objective of marketing and advertising, because they only brands can understand their customers globally.

Users today make social media a life experience, consult your finances while listening to music and interact with their favorite brands, it allows companies to understand the user as a “whole” yielding higher levels of information to create campaigns 100% segmented and almost, custom.

At present the most established brands are those that capture the hearts of customers where the final purchase decision is triggered. It is through the impact and emotion that customers establish long-term relationships, providing the brand influence, efficiency and increased penetration.

The “like” are not sufficient to establish the added value consumption today requires new brands, what they need is love.

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