Brands should study more the habits of their customers and not just their actions

Brands should study more the habits of their customers and not just their actions

Brands invest resources in designing strategies and proposals aimed where consumers act accordingly. They aim to generate patterns of consumption and generate reactions. In short, change the natural course of his life. Have you stopped to think if that is correct?

Perhaps we have overlooked such a basic as they are habits that determine the actions premise. We can not fight to change the behavior of our target audience, but to adapt to it and get a part of it.

An interesting theory exposed by Dr. Art Markman, who works in the analysis of customer habits and how companies can develop products and services that fit this behavior. Thus, we will have a great advantage: customers are already predisposed to take action.

Brands should study more the habits of their customers and not just their actionsTo achieve this, brands must start by changing their own habits, in order to better know their customers and identify those routines and behavior patterns. This involves:

Stop asking and start observing. Prescreen customers to third grade in order to find out what they really like, ideas and other information to make a complete picture of your profile as a consumer. However, we are leaving out a key stage in the process of customer knowledge: observation. Probably, customers do not want or know not really convey what drives them to buy a brand, or perform a certain action. However, if we pay attention to how they behave in the supermarket, in their day to day, probably we obtain information that could reveal no survey.

Not pretend to break habits already established. If something works why change it? If our customers are accustomed to the colors of our packaging what sense does it change radically? Will they continue toidentify the product as easily? The same applies to sections of our website. If we know the news section, located in the right column have a high conversion rate what need is there to pass to the left side? It is empowering those habits, and use them to our advantage, not trying to impose our discretion. We run the serious risk of causing confusion and frustration.

If changes are required, these really worthwhile. If, for strategic reasons, should motivate change, we must manage it in such a way that consumers appreciate the significant advantages of adapting to it. In any case, this improvement is always the customer’s benefit, not try to impose our view, but to show a new perspective, advantageous for them. Also show the benefits of change and, amount, its durability over time. If customers need to make an effort, it really worthwhile.

Therefore, it is not that customers bend to our conditions, and act according to our expectations, but rather the opposite. We know them, know how they think and behave, to adapt our proposal to your habits already created. This will make it much easier to internalize our strategy, adapting it almost naturally.

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