How to find the influencers in your industry

How to find the influencers in your industry

There are two words that will enter in the vocabulary of digital marketing agencies, two newly imported words of the English-speaking world and which complement: blogger outreach and inbound marketing.

Both share the same goal: getting quality link building, which rewards the Hummingbird, the latest Google algorithm update. Today I will focus on blogger outreach – if you find a Spanish translation, I’d appreciate -.

So far, with few exceptions, the relationship of companies with bloggers passes communication agencies or advertising with journalists who merely send press releases or advertising pamphlets to every blogger who are on their way. No customization, working in series and clearly a low success rate is obtained.

How to find the influencers in your industryHowever there is another way to work, it is called blogger outreach. It is a new concept: digital public relations with bloggers and so far are few digital marketing agencies that can offer the service with guarantees.

The main objective is to get bloggers cite our products or services in your articles, include a link to our site and viralicen post on social networks. The result is a measurable improvement in SEO. However there is a hidden, more qualitative benefit. This is the branding through product placement : our product appears in a photograph on the blog, or explicitly appointment.SEO appreciate a link to the site, while the Social Media Manager will be delighted to share the blog article where the product is displayed.

Therefore, bloggers should be treated as what they are: private prescribers of public opinion. Hence, the business communication with your industry bloggers have to be based on two basic premises of public relations:

  1. Knows very well who you are interacting: identifies the influential bloggers in your industry. The next step will be to analyze your activity on social networks and their degree of influence.
  2. Develop a relationship of trust: you are wrong if looking for an immediate commercial results. You have to build the relationship as if we were a user over the Internet, read and share your articles. No one we like to asking for a retweet, a free advertising or I like.

Tools for effective outreach blogger:

  • BuzzStream : have two versions, one for SEOs and one for Social Media Managers. This is a board from which you can control all information and interaction with the sites and their authors. The platform automatically extracts data as necessary as contact emails, profiles on social networks, number of followers, the page Rank. Across the board we can manage emails and all the conversation through Twitter with bloggers and monitor incoming links. In short, your large database and export files in CVS.
  • Follower Wonk : is a very useful tool to find the influencers according to keyword, analyze our competition or compare Twitter accounts. We provide geolocated, very useful when we need to segment data by language.
  • MozBar SEO Toolbar : an installable add – on Firefox and Chrome browsers. We provides SEO metrics blog in question: the importance of the domain, the popularity of the URL and even no follow links.

Once you have managed to establish a communication with bloggers, you must offer something in return . Some are content to try your product and if they like, they will use or comment on . Another group, however, that you present your advertising fee directly. In fact, you will surely find in your blog. There already comes in the budget for advertising in digital media.Perhaps it is time to move the contact SEM agency.

Have you considered how you iniciarías the first contact with a blogger?What disagreements have you had? And pleasant surprises?

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