Travel and Tourism, an industry seduced by the Media and Social Networking

Travel and Tourism, an industry seduced by the Media and Social Networking

The organizers of the World Travel Market (WTM), one of the biggest events in the travel industry worldwide, have argued that social media are becoming an integral part of the sector.

According to event organizers, media and social networks will increasingly have a major impact on this industry, even showing that social media can become the most important tool for marketing tourism professionals.

The power of the media and social networks on this sector is proving to be really effective and even exceeded the results of advertising campaigns pay per click (PPC), which currently remains a very important strategies for marketing tourism professionals.

Travel and Tourism, an industry seduced by the Media and Social NetworkingAccording to the testimony of the organizers, there are already many companies consulted in this industry, which say they are already receiving and generenado income and benefits through social media and a large part is planning to integrate these channels in the near future.

For consumers who use the media to plan trips and look both offers as attractive products, 89% marked that have had a positive experience.

Used Mariano, Director of Entertainment Industry Intuic recently discovered us the importance of internet for this industry. A means above all has become a source of essential for people who want to plan a trip information. From compare prices and flights on sites like Kayak, access extravagant deals on networks like Jetsetter, or just search for videos on YouTube that allow travelers to anticipate what you will find in each destination, the possibilities offered by the web in this regard they are almost endless.

A few months ago only during the days ‘corporate identity on the Web: the power of conversation between users’ organized by IE Business School-Magma Turismo, professionals and experts became apparent and highlighted the importance of social media for businesses in the tourism sector.

It is important to highlight the importance of tourism in the global economy that annually generates a turnover of approximately 900,000 billion worldwide, according to the World Tourism Organization (OMT). Only in Latin America, revenues in 2009 exceeded 12 billion dollars, and in some countries like Mexico, accounted for more than 1% of GDP.

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