How to sell “little sexy” products in social networks

How to sell “little sexy” products in social networks

There are certain products that are easier to communicate than others. And others are more visual such as fashion items or just a car. The question is whether you chips as community manager of a difficult brand to communicate and little or no visual. Mission Impossible? Say you need a certain amount of creativity.

The key is to think how to generate more engagement directing the actions in the solution and not so much in the product offered to your potential customers.

How to sell little sexy products in social networksHow to sell some sexy products in social networks

Let’s see what options you have on hand:

1- Betting humor: Many brands have thrown in the mood to create fun content and important results of vitality. Yes, it must meet a few requirements to be effective:

– Go on the line of the values of the company or brand it represents.

– The campaign has clear objectives: + fans, subscribers, participation in a contest…

I share two examples of campaigns of this very popular style:

– Bodyform: This is the video that launched the brand in response to a user on Facebook saying that brand ads were not natural and missing the reality of the product:

– Tipp-Ex: The more famous campaign, notable for being the most interactive I’ve ever seen. It is best that you see yourself and participate. Many of us have been writing a whole afternoon impossible verbs.

2- Focus the campaign to the point: What is really important for these products is the solution provided to a particular problem. If you put the focus there, you have the opportunity to make a campaign not as descriptive product and achieve much more “engagement” in social networks.

3- Find a brand ambassador: This is also an interesting and very common practice. If the character itself is famous diverts some attention to whether or not the product attractive. The focus ends up being the “famous” and brand. Usually it has done in consolidated enough brands which do not need to explain product features.

4- Create a powerful story: Again, storytelling is a good resource. The base is usually a central video where the story is told. Then social networks can play different roles:

– Amplifying the message.

– Disseminate different versions of the video.

– Attracting traffic to the website where the product is sold.

These are some of the ways to achieve connect with the audience in social media when they are representing products or “little sexy” services.

Can you think of any other way to do it?

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