Social networks do not serve to make miracles

Social networks do not serve to make miracles

Social networks appeared in our lives changing with the free flow of information, paradigms of social and professional relationships.

They were consolidated as “the new marketing channels” and thanks to its “affordable and accessible” nature were transformed into an idol for businesses. But it is important to understand that the most valuable to grow as a company, entrepreneur, professional and resource person in social networks is our talent, ability and experience to deliver answers.

Today … when it’s been 10 years since Facebook changed our lives, marketers and providing quality services to customers, we know and can say without fear of contradiction that social networks if they serve to sell. No one is saying it is easy or simple, on the contrary it is demanding, demanding and exhausting but on social networks if sold. Companies that want to grow must be competitive, noted for its innovative side, deliver added value, and MUST IF OR IF have a presence in social networks, is where your potential customers interact.

Social networks do not serve to make miraclesIt is increasingly common to link branding, with the quality of service. Companies face reputational crisis, bottlenecks in their production and logistics chains, steady loss of resources due to lack of efficient processes, and it is at that point where we became aware that the miracle of growth is brewing within the business. ‘Social networks are not miracle!

When we meet with a potential customer is always advisable to make it very clear, that success in social networking is based on giving our customers experience while nearly parallel y- through innovation, added value and competitiveness of our products and services, we increase our business figures.

But to make this formula is efficient, and indispensable:

  • Understand that deliver experiences to our customers is only possible from the ability to put yourself in the place of another.
  • Customers now get second chances and even third but for this it is essential to recognize, take correct and meet commitments.
  • Service quality starts from the touchdown and never ends, after a client is linked with us from the trust, long-term link is established.

Without a team led from the vocation for people, identification of talents and the full knowledge of the needs of the company, it is not allowed information to flow freely and therefore the doors close to resolution obstacles to fulfill what we promise our teeth.

Without clear guidelines in terms of short-, medium and long term, there is no clarity and therefore the focus … is not the client.

The quality of service begins within the company …

  • Define objectives
  • Knowing our competitors and our target
  • Clearly identify and realistically the resources that we
  • Having the right talent to transform those resources into growth for the company
  • Form teams focused work on a single goal: To live the brand.

They are relentless challenges for the company today.

If you do not communicate effectively. If we are not consistent and persistent in achieving the objectives if we do not care to listen and understand that teams are formed to add talents and experiences to deliver to our customers. It is with the help of our customers we achieve our growth from brand to which we belong.

No marketing strategy can hide a company without order, structure, methodology and planning, our customers will be disappointed and feel that perhaps next time … tested with our competition.

It is simpler than it seems to provide a quality service to our customers, there is only that “accept” to leave the comfort zone and overcome resistance to change … is an effort, but, in marketing and in life …

… What real goal is achieved without effort and change?

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