Social media plan: 7 Important issues to resolve

Social media plan: 7 Important issues to resolve

Without doubt, the social media plan is the tool for any community manager or responsible for social networks before launching operatively manage anything. Regarding this issue in many companies I encounter the following problems:

  • The social media plan is doing it on the fly: Is not it worth having a clear roadmap from the beginning and not wasting time and resources unnecessarily?
  • It is not considered important.
  • Once the work schedule is not met and loses consistency.

Social media plan 7 Important issues to resolve8 the important issues to be solved in a social media plan

If you do a good job with your social media plan you will come to solve the following:

  1. How many social networks manage: Must not be at all because it is more likely that you’ll have left the long run. The first issue to deal with knows how much human resources you have available. Is there a person only for this? You’re on your own? If resources are minimal advice I give you is to manage only two social networks: one that fits well in your sector and the other Google+ SEO issues.
  2. What social networks be? Earlier I said one that fits your industry, I give you some tips: Facebook fits much themed leisure brand mass products and B2C companies, Twitter is social more information network, ideal for content journalism, however LinkedIn is very good for such consultants and Instagram or Pinterest B2B companies and for companies or very visual professions: photographers …
  3. What does your competition: It is important to locate 2-3 relevant competitors and make full to use all the information you can extract “scanner”: what content is still more, publication schedules among other things.
  4. Publication Schedule: On a day to day many things can happen and social networks of the enterprise may be impaired. Besides you can help all the content has a strategic sense. If you’re improvising you can always lose objectivity.
  5. Metrics and goals: This I put together for a very simple reason: If you do not have goals set there is nothing to measure. First set good goals you pursue and later will be in a position to see what the important metrics for those goals are.
  6. Scorecard and “reporting”: Like any marketing plan, as it progresses it will validate information and that are when you need to optimize some strategy or report activity on social media to your superiors or client for decision some decisions.
  7. Differential Content: What information they want to consume your customers? This need to reply to the broadcast more relevant social networks and get more “engagement” (degree of involvement).

As you can see, social media plan is an indispensable guide that will help you answer all these questions related to social networks.

Social media plan you have in your company? How we can most help this tool work?

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