How to prevent mobile marketing become a fad?

How to prevent mobile marketing become a fad?

They are running news in recent weeks in specialized print and digital predict that mobile marketing will be the fashion for “gateways” advertising spring-summer and autumn-winter 2014.

These studies and analyzes forecast a growth of more than 50% of mobile ad spending by businesses, a figure that far supersedes the provisions on advertising spending on computers will not reach 1%.

Fashion or trend?

What we have to ask now is whether mobile marketing does is simply a fad for 2014 or a trend that is here to stay? Well, according to these analyzes, it is not a fad. The spending investment in mobile marketing companies will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, outstripping advertising on computers and many other classical techniques of advertising based on buzoneo, perching, poming, etc.

How to prevent mobile marketing become a fadUsing Smartphone by users extend to nearly 100% of them using the new services faster data transmission, allowing them to be connected to perform their work and activities in social networks 24 hours a day.

This technological immersion users open channels of communication to cheap easy companies to use, direct and with the ability to connect with your prospects for branding, promoting their products and offering their online services strategies engagement, advertising , Brandend content.

The choice should be adequate

However, like all trends, companies have to be prepared to use them. As not all designers are able to apply trends designs its products (clothing, footwear, cars, etc.), not all tools on the market are suitable for mobile marketing, and can be applied with a strategy clear, well defined and always oriented to customer satisfaction.

The risk to the user disaffection is great. If the user publicises invades, this will no longer give value to it, and mobile marketing rather than being a useful tool for capturing and customer loyalty can be converted into one share of advertising as it is nowadays advertising brochure; information that the customer does not want, does not appreciate and almost always not read.

The choice of a suitable tool mobile marketing must go through an advertising strategy that takes into account at least the following values:

  1. The customer is first, do not bother, do not encroach adware, use a tool in which the customer can decide what, when and how to receive your information.
  2. Not necessarily the customer is technologically active, your tool should be usable, customer friendly and transparent. The customer should not do anything to receive your information, your advertising should reach you naturally.
  3. The customer is anywhere, there are no borders, your client is local but also moves and this must be where the customer. Do not just tools that adhere only to the geolocation of your business.
  4. You do not know which the best message a priori to capture your client, you must try to connect with what the customer wants to receive from you, so the tool should facilitate your advertising is dynamic, adapting to customer trends increasingly changing.
  5. Make the client feel part of a community, a family that is your business. Use tools that enable you to offer the customer gifts, offers, discounts, etc., anything that makes you feel special so you can build loyalty.
  6. No need to make large investments, but if necessary measure results to adapt and improve your advertising strategy. Use tools that will offer these services, you can measure your benefits and adequate cost.
  7. There is no “touchstone” there is no single solution. You must combine technologies and strategies, using different media will allow you to better connect with your customer and create one, closer and more participatory experience, since the combination of media provides greater interaction with the user.
  8. And participate so that your customers will appreciate the benefits of your promotional activity, disseminates technology you use for the customer to use it and become your main promoter.

If the Mobile Marketing will be a trend in the coming years, but risks it is just a fad but applied correctly. The mobility that allows new technologies must be conceived as a technological tool, not an end. The end, the strategy should be as Kevin Roberts said do lovemark because “what moves humans is emotion, not reason.”

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