Online video is consolidated as a new bastion of content marketing

Online video is consolidated as a new bastion of content marketing

The future of content marketing involves the consolidation of video as a key ingredient. Cisco indicates that in 2017 the audiovisual content will account for 69% of all Internet traffic.

One reason for its success is the fact that it is a format suitable for both transmit information and for entertainment specifically aimed creations. Moreover, the ability to assimilate the content delights young and old, who enjoy consuming online videos from any device at your fingertips.

Also worth noting the relative ease with which it is now possible to generate audiovisual quality parts. Hence, more and more businesses include online video in your content strategy.

Online video is consolidated as a new bastion of content marketingVideo is not the future of content marketing, but is a fundamental pillar in the present. More than half of companies have already implemented it in their online marketing actions; a trend that has only just taking off. According to Nielsen, 2 out of 3 estimates that video marketers will represent a major role in the near future.

Not surprisingly, YouTube has consolidated its position as the second largest search engine, and already has more than one billion unique users per month. Every day no less than 100 million Internet users on sites like YouTube dive in search of these audiovisual creations. On average, users spend 17 minutes playing online ads each month. Hence its great importance as a piece of content, suitable both to feed the social media strategy, and to increase the time spent on the web or as an essential component of the SEO strategy.

It should be clarified that the main objective entertainment is not meeting these videos are distributed through the network. Audiovisual content help to increase awareness of the product by 74%. It also has a higher rate of memory than any other format. 80% of Internet users remember online video ads they consume.

The videos are also an element with a high viral component, able to draw the attention of the target audience, keep pending the screen while playing and induce him to share and disseminate to contacts. An effect that is more difficult to achieve with any other type of content and the brand is all this time. As an example, the study published by Unruly in December gathered that the reputation of viral videos of the brands has increased 50 times since 2006. If anything they have in common the creations of these great is the ability to innovate and its clear commitment for creativity. The basic ingredients of success in online communication for 2014.

Technological innovations have democratized access to this type of content, allowing both large and small companies to develop a strategy for audiovisual content. On the one hand, production costs have decreased considerably and on the other, there are social functions and applications that take advantage any time to create an audiovisual piece. Without going any further, Vine or Instagram make it possible to record video of a few seconds (maximum 6 and 15, respectively) and share at the time. All with the help of a smartphone only, and large doses of creativity, essential condiment that can not fail to create an effective content strategy.

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