Mobile Marketing: All in one, like the Swiss Army Knife

Mobile Marketing: All in one, like the Swiss Army Knife

The consumer tendentious undoubtedly make business strategies. Advertising strategies and sales of products clearly have addressed the use of mobile applications through which brands can be in continuous and direct contact with current and potential consumers.

Thus, in the last two years, we are experimentation how exponential growth of mobile applications try to respond to advertising strategies of companies.

Mobile applications made ex proprietary process for a specific advertising campaign, such as loyalty campaign through mobile “Alimenta Smiles” Danone, based on reading Qr codes to accumulate points. mobile applications consequence of Web portals already established, such as the characteristics of Groupon or Segundo as well as other specific applications trademarks or generalists have invaded the market and are competing for the increasingly large market share of mobile consumers, increasingly more reluctant to download new apps that may never or rarely used.

Mobile Marketing All in one, like the Swiss Army KnifeBut not all these applications meet the preferences of mobile users.Features like simplicity, usability, not intrusiveness, no subliminal advertising, geolocation, social networking connection, etc., are properties that must meet these apps to pass the first filter consumer. Low cost, usability, high impact capacity, customization, geolocation, etc., are the characteristics that a company asks for the mobile Web application and implement a mobile marketing strategy.

But the latest consumer trends go even further. As detailed in the article”discounts, offers and information, the holy grail of mobile applications and consumers , ” consumers mainly use mobile applications to receive specialoffers and discount coupons also obviously for their social relationships through networking and different messaging systems. Different studies of the company Ipsos report that consumers overwhelmingly want to receive special offers and discount coupons, these offers incline them to buy a product in the same way as the opinions of other consumers or loyalty to a particular brand.

The problem posed now companies is how to combine all these features in a mobile app. If you decide on a proprietary app development cost will be high, long time, and potential users are those loyal to the brand or will have to invest large sums in capturing new users of the app.

Moreover, the open mobile apps on the market covered, until now, only some of these features. There are applications that allow companies to advertise, but some do not use geolocation, others only a very limited extent allowing only the business location. There are applications that allow companies to promote their offers and discount coupons, but much limit the ability to promote and / or cost of management is hardly assumable by companies. And rarely, these applications open intengran those other features requested by consumers, as it is free to the consumer would be to turn an advertiser, integration with social networks, etc.

Well, no longer have reason to doubt the companies about what or what tool should be used to implement a complete mobile marketing strategy.FiveWapps, just released a new update of its communication system and mobile advertising, or rather, ubiquitous, as well as promoting the company.

The new update WingPosts has included the wishes of users and companies, intengrando offers and discount coupons on the same ads. Thus advertisers can continue to spread any number of ads, anywhere, with unlimited possibility of locations for distribution, integrating the ability to connect to websites and social networks, and also double its capacity communication associating these ads any kind of offer.

In addition, bids can be accompanied by any promotion and discount coupon can download it by the consumer to subsequently redeem using mobile or print. Actually it is that advertisers can generate advertising campaigns associated with the ads, which with a complete and simple functionality, allows them to define both the volume of coupons, such as downloading them by consumers and duration of the campaign.

What is striking about the exit to stores IOS and Android applications of this new update, is that it is accompanied by a more than successful promotional campaign by FiveWapps. Advertisers can advertise, include their offers and discount coupons free.

All in one, like the Swiss Army knives. All the features desired by consumers and businesses are integrated into WingPosts. It only takes us back to surprise with a new update as well have assured me that happen in a short period of time.

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