Lessons to sell your services as a freelancer with a blog

Lessons to sell your services as a freelancer with a blog

Freelancing at the beginning is hard, unless you proceed from a company with similar services and have already made some contacts a portfolio of whom start selling your services.

Indeed, you have or do not have that initial step, a blog can become your best tool for attracting new customers, partners and you can contact several profitable in the near future. It is good to consider some preliminary considerations:

– It takes time and is not fast but very effective medium term

– With the content you post you can demonstrate your professional value and attracts users concerned about your theme

– It gives you credibility as a freelancer that is precisely what you need to give confidence to your customers. If you do not have a corporate brand that covers you will be missing a good personal brand development

Lessons to sell your services as a freelancer with a blogLessons to learn how to sell your services with a blog

If you think your time has come to make the leap and sell your services through a blog, the lessons that you can consider are the following:

1- Work the message you want to give: By that I mean that when a user enters your blog, within 5-10 seconds if well worked know what content will find, your specialties, your skills and what services can hire if He decides to put in your life a freelance this is important: the blog title, a headline that expresses well the published content and a visible tab such services.

2- Do not be too “brazen”: People already know what your ultimate goal and we will contact you if they wish, therefore, focus on the content. Users visit your blog in search of useful information. Do not forget that.

3- Create your contact list: You can start with a section to the right of the blog asking users subscription but I recommend you give away something. Can be an eBook, tutorial, an audio file … is the best way to grow your list and get a “portfolio potential” customer.

4- Working contact this: Once you have a minimum volume of users (could be 100 addresses for example) you can start testing your email marketing strategies. The advice I give you is that, of all emails sent, the commercial content (to sell your services), does not exceed 30%. But you risk being losing subscribers.

5- Use the blog to open new paths: Other roads may be trying to enter a classroom training center to use of the content or to publish a book. Indeed, the blog is the junction of many positive things that can happen around your profession.

6- Pay close attention to any interaction from your readers behind some innocent questions can find a potential customer. You have to have some ability to “pull” a bit of thread to see if you can really have a consulting service behind.

7- Give a part of your product: It works well. If you are selling an eBook for example, gives the first chapter as a hook, so your readers will see if it is worth buying.

8- Seminars and Webinars: This can be a good meeting point to deliver live content with your audience and prove yourself. With these activities, new interactions that can kill attracting new customers are achieved.

These are some of the techniques you can use. Your blog is the arm “enforcer” to connect with your audience. The key is to always be willing to try new sales techniques, hopefully not too intrusive, measure the results and go by approaching what really works well.

How would you like a blogger you sell your services as a freelance?

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