The essential points for your content strategy is effective

The essential points for your content strategy is effective

At present the world of digital marketing is with both eyes on content strategies. This is a logical evolution thinking that marketing in general is the connector arm between brands or companies with the potential customer. Therefore, all these strategies will put the user at the center of their actions and not machines as happened previously (especially in the SEO). You need a content strategy because:

– The modern SEO moves towards this direction.

– Users are tired of aggressive advertising messages and are more attracted to quality content

– Purchasing decisions today are in the information that people find on the internet. If you want to influence these decisions must produce accurate content.

The essential points for your content strategy is effectiveThe essentials of your strategy content is effective

1- Good content is what informs or entertains: Here the standard error is too corporate edit content that is not focused on the real needs of the user.

2- Use accessible language: If you are too technical in more everyday products or very informal company more focused on the real message may be lost along the way products.

3- Include an emotional component: If your content arouses emotions you get much more engaged and your client will actually be much closer to your products or services.

4- Make a previous study of the most sought keywords for your product: Once you have them you will have to include them looking for a balance not over optimize and be penalized for SEO. It is said that the maximum density is 20% of the total volume of words. To calculate you have tools like: Keyword density

5- Combination of media: For a rich content strategy, a good combination of text, photos and video mainly always sum. Yes, yours will be the task of mastering the different contexts and that everything is bound to not confuse the message you want to give.

6- Working the context of the content itself: Being immersed in a multi-device today, it is important that people can access content when and how they want. Therefore, adapting the content for tablets and mobile is essential.

7- Put accessible all social networks: Be wrapped elegantly content with the various buttons of the most important to gain visibility social networks.

8- Nice Navigability: There are things that perish not so important but are considering that users do not read all the content scanning but important.

– Appropriate font size

– Combining text with images

– Use small paragraphs

  1. Invest resources in the creation of content: If you have a financial profile it going to cost you a little view but if the content is original and arouse interest positioned well in search engines and have some assets that will report on visits and as sales.

As you can see, the content is the present and future of digital marketing and all marketers should be attentive to improve their content strategies to connect more and better with the potential audience.

What they are for you the main points in a content marketing strategy?

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