6 Effective Tips to increase conversions on your website

6 Effective Tips to increase conversions on your website

At this point it goes without saying how important it is attracting traffic to your website, hence the great efforts of marketers in their strategies of PPC (pay per click) and more organic strategies such as SEO, actions social media or even new trends such as inbound marketing.

That part is clear but can be a great absurdity that your website is not well optimized to achieve a reasonable rate of conversion. These “targets” chasing your page can be the following: (mainly)

– Sales

– Records

– Download a document

6 Effective Tips to increase conversions on your websiteTherefore, seeing the different nature of conversions, you must first identify exactly what you want to do the users on your website.

5 tricks effective to increase conversions in your web page

At this point, you can try implementing these five actions to optimize your website:

1- Try different designs CTA (call to action): these calls to action style “click here” or “sign me up!” Often do not pay attention but they are important because they can make up the% of clicks.

2- Search feedback from your customers and non-customers: I recommend that you prepare some incentive for this because people are a little lazy for these things and understand With Google drive can prepare a simple survey including questions like: (the information obtained is of great value)

– Do you find that missing something on this page?

– Would you recommend this website to a friend?

– What can we do to improve our website?

3- Make tests with images: the graphics and design elements must not despise and images have their specific weight. Here what it is is to do a test A / B to see if they get improvements. You can do it without complications with the application of Google website Optmizer. If the measure you see that the ratio rose, bingo! It is also good to note that if you use a long time ago the same images are no longer effective. The human eye tires quickly 🙂

4- Introduce more choices for the customer: here are two issues that are often “hot”:

– Return Policies: well informed and provide more solutions helps a lot to conversion

– Payment: different types of card, Paypal availability…

5- Working usability of the page regarding navigation: 2 basics to comment:

– Insert a navigation bar that serves as a guide to the user. It goes very well when the page has many products

– User can easily access previous page and the option to click on the logo to go to the home page.

6- Enter social elements: the most common are:

– Positive feedback from satisfied customers

– Number of people who purchased a particular item

As you can see, constantly testing can be done to keep improving the conversion rate of your website, it sounds a bit stressful but there is always room for improvement and that is very healthy time to time to work on it.

What tricks do you use to improve the conversion rate of a website?

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