Increase the opening of emails on mobile devices

Increase the opening of emails on mobile devices

In the first 6 months of this year, the number of emails using smartphones, tablets and other mobile systems has reached 36% of users in the US.

The report “Mobile Email Opens Report” that has just been published gives us the news of the strong growth in the opening of e-mails in mobility, reaching an 80% growth compared to the first half of 2011. The number of users who have opened e-mails in its mobile terminals it has reached 36% in this first semester.

From email marketing to spam there is only one stepMobile phones reached 25.9% from 20.6% last year. The tablets have gone up to 10.2% market, slightly above the 6.8% opening in 2011.

iPhones have been the preferred terminal for reading emails, with 19.7% of the total. Android came in second place with a market share of 5.8%. The iPad left no doubt its supremacy in front of tablets with Android, with 9.6% compared to 0.4%. The share of open emails with iPad and iPhone grew by 47.2% and 25.6% respectively.

Among the different industries, consumer services appears first in terms of opening emails in mobile phones, with 34%. Financial services came in second with 32.7%. The following three percentages were:

  • Leisure, with 26.5%.
  • Telecommunications and cable with 25.7%.
  • Distribution with 24.4%.

Using tablets, the preferred industries were:

  • Distribution with 11.1%.
  • Hospitality with 10.2%.
  • Telecommunications and cable with 10.1%.
  • Education with 9.2%.

Although the figures of “click-to-open” (CTO or click-to-open) on tablets and mobile phones are still far from the percentages of desktop computers, the financial sector arouses the interest of users with the highest number of CTO, 21.5% for tablets and 15% for mobile phones. The desktop computer has a 30.1% penetration.

The disparity of models and platforms has meant that companies have not been able to optimize messages intended for mobile users. In this sense, the Pardot study “The Changing Role of Email Marketing”, showed that only ¼ of the B “B companies designed and optimized the messages taking into account the different equipment.

Knotice’s report also reveals that consumers check their mails with good frequency. In addition, they tend to quickly open their messages using mobile phones, usually within 90 minutes of receiving them. With tablets and desktops the opening is slower.

The last element analyzed in the Knotice data shows that the mails are opened only once in 98% of the time, ending the myth of the multiple opening of the same mail, which only occurs in 1.4% of cases, opening first in the mobile and then in the desktop.

The opportunity for a mobile user to think again about opening an email is practically nil. This should lead companies to be more careful when preparing segmentation and adapt the content to mobile teams.

The study of Knotice was based on more than 800 million emails sent in the first half of 2012, and covering 11 sectors of the activity.

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