Negative comments: What can brands learn from them?

Negative comments: What can brands learn from them?

Communication 2.0 has come to democratize free expression, and users have not hesitated to exercise this right. Social networks allow users to share with their peers what they like, where they have been or what they have just bought; but in addition, they also openly express what negative experiences they have had with the purchase of this product, or discourage the hiring of this or that service. This is the new reality faced by companies, they no longer have full control over their image, but this is continually exposed to criticism and negative comments.

Great Social Media Challenges Empathize with usersGiven this new panorama, are you prepared to face a criticism? Do they really know how they should act? The main thing is that they know how to keep calm and see the issue from a positive point of view, which they can even take advantage of, if they show diligence and professionalism:

Even if you do not see it, it does exist: The first step is to watch over the brand, watch over it up close and detect any attack in time, however insignificant. Monitor your brand, your company and everything related to your product, as well as your sector.

A negative comment is an opportunity for improvement: It is a golden rule of customer service in Social Media. In most cases, criticism from your users helps you to detect a deficiency in the product that you have not detected until now, or it helps you to realize that your home delivery company is not complying with the agreement. agreed.

The client is not a ferocious wolf, he only demands your attention: Actually, it is a user who values your company, otherwise, he would not have devoted his time to letting you know his problem, he would have used other less orthodox means. Take advantage of this moment in which the client has been the one who has approached you, to fill you with attention and earn your trust. From here a solid relationship can flourish.

Better a criticism in time, than a client that silently abandons you: You have to be thankful for the effort that the user has made when considering your problem, it has provided you with valuable information, as well as giving you the option to solve the damage caused. The worst enemies of brands are customers who, despite being dissatisfied, do not show their dissatisfaction. Its absence of reaction can have a double repercussion: on the one hand it is an irremediably lost client, since the company does not know about this situation, and therefore, can not do anything to remedy it and, on the other, this client can speak badly in his environment, tarnishing with his testimony the reputation of the company.

Definitely, the main thing is to see the straw in one’s own eye; Detect the problem in time and do everything possible to show the client that you are there, care about him and help him. What experiences have you had with customer reviews? How do you react to negative comments in your company?

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