USA vs Europe: A Power Duel in the Social Media Field

USA vs Europe: A Power Duel in the Social Media Field

No one questions the fact that in certain sectors, such as marketing, Americans set the standards and are the pioneers that set the way, but, as we all know, Americans and Europeans are very different in every way, from thinking to the needs they want to cover, as well as how to do it.

Business strategyIt is for this reason that it is often said that not all strategies work for everyone, because each person and each brand is different, and therefore has different needs. Between continents, too.

According to the information provided by NeoLane, the increase in income is not one of the indicators most used by European Social Media Marketing professionals, something they do take into account, perhaps it is the most considered indicator by their North American counterparts in their analyzes.

However, for the 57% of European professionals, buzz, web traffic, the fact that the users know the brand and interact with it or have a community of considerable size, while for a 9% The feedback provided by the customer is fundamental. It also shows that for 34% of European professionals sales, qualification and procurement are important.

These data show that Europe is valued more than profits, such as being known or interacting with the customer, something that in the United States, yes, is good to have, but focuses more on the achievement of direct income, without going through the ‘intermediaries’ we use in Europe.

Although ROI is something that is very important, it is very complicated to measure. Thus, 69% of professionals try to measure it, 17% of respondents claim to produce and generate it and the remaining 14% do not care about it.

However, the limited budget is a major concern, since with few funds few actions can be taken, resulting in less resources for a successful strategy. Thus, in Europe, 13% of brands have a little less than four million euros, 20% have a budget of just over 150,000 euros, and the remaining 67% has just over 38,000 euros per year, trying to optimize resources in the best possible way.

Something that is very important in Europe is personalization, that is, offering personalized content for each user, even if only 7% of the brands use this resource compared to 93% who do not use social networks to provide value and a better brand experience for users.

The priority for the European professional is the integration of several channels in the marketing strategy to obtain better results. Thus, 42% of them use Social Media integrated into their overall marketing strategy, while 19% only use it to customize their strategy and 22% to test how it works.

These data reflect the need to be more aware that Social Media integrated in our marketing strategy works, that it is highly effective, to be able to take full advantage of its possibilities, while in other countries such as the United States, some time ago.

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