In the company, good treatment and the customer should be a thing of all

In the company, good treatment and the customer should be a thing of all

The customer is up to each and every member of the company. A statement that, although it seems obvious, difficult to enforce.

Excellence in customer service is not the sole responsibility of the customer service department, but must be present throughout the process; materialize at all points of contact between the customer and the company.

The customer experience is not an isolated element sole responsibility of the customer service department. Nothing is further from reality. The customer service department often does not have the resources or the capacity to provide a useful and effective customer response. There are also serious deficiencies that impair customer experience, such as the difficulties for a complete customer tracking, or the lack of appropriate measures to provide the same experience across all channels tools; special mention of the training needed to assume such responsibility.

In the company, good treatment and the customer should be a thing of allIt is desirable that there is full involvement of the company, especially from the areas involved, such as marketing, sales, human resources or research and development. It is a joint effort which requires an integrated response.

As examples of this customer – centric approach, we can point to important international companies such as Zappos, who, in the words of its CEO, Tony Hsieh, is “a business customer that sells shoes.” It is also known the vocation of customer service which boasts Amazon, whose guidelines and recommendations in this area have gathered in this medium.

Thanks to this position, these companies are able to get into the skin of their customers, how they think, what their expectations are and what to do to meet them.

Technology contributes to the implementation of a holistic customer service strategy

As recorded by the study published by Teradata and Econsultancy, conducted among companies around the world, 62% of respondents expressed concern about improving customer service, and thus, their satisfaction rate. In this area they plan to allocate their investment in new technologies. The CMO Council survey also indicates that for 73% of CMOs, take this unique insight around customer is an essential aspect for the company.

To achieve this goal, 59% of those surveyed by Teradata stressed the need to invest in technology in order to increase customer retention rate. Also, 55% it called for improving the customer experience and their relationship with the company.

Moreover, the customer 2.0 is already a reality. Half of consumers prefer to contact the company through social networks rather than phone the customer service. Its effectiveness is reflected in a positive experience for brands.

The customer has a direct impact on the economic balance of the company. Data Engagor show that customer engagement translates into revenue for brands. These customers spend between 20 and 40 percent more than the average in the company.

65% of customers stop hiring the services of a brand, because of a poor user experience (Parature). In the UK, brands lose more than 15 billion dollars a year due to its shortcomings in this area (Harris / ClickSoftware). On the opposite side, increase by 10% customer retention rate can report a 30% increase in the value of the company (Bain & Company)

Qmatic’s latest report shows how companies that offer a truly integrated customer experience are registering positive results. Thus, the data collected that 54% of those retailers that have effectively implemented technology at the service of its customers, most of them (70%) has appreciated the fruits of their labor, resulted in increased sales.

Managing the customer experience should not be a problem in the company, but the business base. A customer is never a hindrance, not a selling point, but an asset within the organization, which must be cared for, to keep; ensuring the best experience and service excellence.

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