Simplicity has its rewards, but proper

Simplicity has its rewards, but proper

Is competition and increased supply to meet us in the market, the cause of increased complexity in the forms and marketing funds in many companies?

You can see how many companies when designing present or launch your products or services achieve levels of complexity for customers that make sometimes these same products / services do not have acceptance among its target. And it is that everything involving effort or inconvenience to the customer, this punishes with depreciated or indifference, even for a long value that contribution, for the customer, and generalize always supposed mistake as you know, is a being who values simplicity, the simple, comfortable over other values, but with moderation.

Simplicity has its rewards, but properThinking that they value customers, it is difficult by these factors as basic and businesses locate or establish competitive advantages it may be a strategic mistake from the commercial point of view. Perhaps that is why every day we witness campaigns, make offers of products or services of an unusual complexity that makes it unfeasible marketing, at least with the claims that the company wants. It is also true that the level of complexity accepted by customers is not the same in all target, but if requirement demanded by all of them. The axiom that works commercially is that the level of complexity that is acceptable by the customer is one that does not require an effort to understand the offer that makes me the company, all that is out of this limit lose many sales opportunities.

Similarly excessive simplicity can make the customer believe that the offer is made is not suitable for your needs, or put another way an excessively simple product or a focused excessively simple aspects campaign, you can cause the client not look attended in it, so it seems that another of the limits that the company is when marketing is simplicity but this time down, so that any commercial offer that disparages the skills, knowledge or customer level by simple or simplifying the offer, it makes the product or service is not attractive.

With the comments we can say that is important in all design value offer or establishment of competitive advantage (not the same), to find the right level of simplicity that we demand our client. If we belittle the customer with simplicity to this insulting, it will cause the rejection by that offer and equally if the level of complexity it is an effort to understand what is offered, it has the same result. In both cases and sometimes can give a side effect unexpected by the company and that is when the offer is good but not its level of simplicity involved when transmitting it, to apply it or display it on the product or service customers to which we go, can we get unexpectedly, attract a segment that was not intended, yes that our offer has accepted other clients for which it was not intended, but the level is simplicity with which the present makes it attractive for this segment is not expected, another thing is that the product or service actually involves satisfaction for these “new customers” and their needs.

So I will conclude by saying that regardless of the value proposition that we are able to transfer the customer, simplicity is a determining factor in marketing, and it definitely hit and be able to endow such offer a level of simplicity that allows the customer interest in the product or service is itself part of the value of the offer is part of the value of that product or service. Be off limits accepted by the customer, may cause excessive barriers to get to that product.

The level of simplicity be applied in many marketing factors in our customer relationships and our way of making us understand, in the way we interact with them in the use of the product or service, when display benefits of what we offer, in everything that is related to our supply and customer relations, so we must take care that the level of simplicity in some of these factors are adequate, but if we neglect others that also affect the success of our product or service the result is not expected. We all know great commercial proposals residing in the trunk of failure that was not shown with the appropriate level of simplicity to the customer that he headed. It is therefore important to be very careful with this factor, simplicity and know that without doubt the customer will reward the level of simplicity of your offer, the fair, which is best suited to their profile, or simpler, or more complex.

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