Consumers buy online at work, in the car and even in the bathroom

Consumers buy online at work, in the car and even in the bathroom

The holidays are just around the corner, and urges buy gifts. Therefore, any time is good. The survey indicates that 35% of online shoppers do their shopping during work hours.

Reasons to buy from the office, employees argue the need to keep their orders in secret, away from his family (28%), not having enough to buy time, after working hours (24%), or online connection work is better than home (17%).

Another curious fact is that consumers make purchases from anywhere. With Demandware we learned that half of them confirmed their purchases while going in the car, or in the bathroom. They are also able to find the time while they are gathered in the gym, or football game of his son.

Consumers buy online at work, in the car and even in the bathroomWhen consumers begin their holiday shopping?

The Christmas shopping season has already begun. The traditional starting gun is located on Black Friday, with the great deals that prepare all retailers. From here, the frantic race starts looking for ideal gifts at the best price. According Demandware, this year much of online consumers make their orders in advance of 1 and 3 weeks. Only 4% have thought about waiting until the last minute. Premeditation contrast to the customs, where to go shopping at the last minute is common.

The mobile, more present than ever in holiday shopping

Mobile devices accompany consumers for much of the day. Their presence is already manifesting throughout the process. As indicated by eBay 57% of consumers admit he has turned to his smartphone while inside the store. Of these, 63% used it to compare prices with other physical stores, or online (60%), while 52% sought information and product recommendations.

This holiday season bodes well for mCommerce, as long as retailers provide the way to take clients to conversion. It is estimated that these consumers will spend about 20 billion dollars on their mobile shopping this Christmas. IBM estimates that for the first time this year, mobile devices recorded more than half of the visits of the online stores on Thanksgiving, which means a significant increase from 39.7% the previous year.

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