How modern appliances changed the kitchen

How modern appliances changed the kitchen

We all know how useful our kitchen appliances are, from cookers and microwaves to fridge freezers, who could image modern life without these time and effort saving devices? However, there was a time when everything had to be done by hand, from winging clothes out in a mangle to keeping milk cool on a cold slab. So just how much do our kitchen appliances transform the modern kitchen into what we all know today?

How modern appliances changed the kitchen

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Domestic refrigerators and freezers

Refrigeration is one of the things we take for granted and today there are a wide range of different options, from small fridge freezers for fitting into domestic kitchens to large American-style fridges with double doors, to chest freezers for storing large frozen goods for months on end. Before these handy refrigeration devices, people used to have to keep things cool by placing them on a cooling slab and draping wet cloths over items.

Refrigerators nowadays are so advanced they can keep all food items at the perfect temperature for optimum food safety, while ensuring taste is never compromised. Food can be stored at the top of the fridge and in the door for slightly warmer temperatures for items such as butter and eggs, in the middle for other items, and at the bottom in the salad crisper for keeping salads and vegetables fresh for longer.

Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is one of the modern wonders which allows restaurants and other catered establishments to ensure all food is kept at optimum temperatures and ready to serve. These clever kitchen gadgets allow commercial catering to thrive where once food storage just was not possible on such a large scale, with coolers, chillers and freezers of all types available. The range of freezers and fridges now available, means domestic and commercial customers can find the perfect fridge or freezer for their needs.  Keeping your food cool is not the only thing you want in the kitchen either, if you have a commercial kitchen why not invest in a Belfast Air conditioning unit from a happy chef will be of better use in the kitchen.

Kitchen gadgets

There are many kitchen gadgets that can save time and energy and make cooking for families more enjoyable and varied. The BBC explores some of the gadgets available for domestic kitchens which can bring a new lease of life to all foods, from slow cookers to fast choppers and bread makers. These modern appliances have made the kitchen a much more versatile and enjoyable place for food preparation.


Microwaves are another time and effort saving kitchen appliance that are staples in most modern homes. There is some argument about whether they provide as good a cooking experience as a traditional oven. This article from the Guardian suggests microwaves are a hit and miss affair, with many foods having the potential to be spoiled by their fast-cooking methods, although high quality can be preserved by microwave cooking if care is taken over timings. It seems even hi-tech gadgets need a human touch to get the best out of them! There is no doubt that microwaves have transformed convenience cooking to enable people to enjoy hot meals where once time constraints restricted them to simple, cold foods.

From fridge freezers and microwaves to all kinds of smaller kitchen gadgets, modern life is made so much more enjoyable and easier by the existence of these clever appliances.

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