Backup to the company, how to establish a reliable backup system

Backup to the company, how to establish a reliable backup system

The machines just failing over time. So we must assume that we must have a backup that you provide the continuity of our business quickly. When designing a backup scheme are several elements that we consider having a reliable backup system.

Let’s do a quick review to try to refresh some concepts, and see if our company meets the objective of recovering the data to a problem, either less or something more serious affecting our basic systems. The first step would be to try to centralize information, which is relatively simple if you use a server or network hard drive for file sharing.

Backup DataCopying data from applications and mobile equipment

Surely every company knows what your critical application, without which your business can not continue. The same data must be included in the backup, this is the basic point, either one or more applications. These data files are basic to work, but we also have other without which our work would be more difficult or slower.

An example might be the email of each user, we can work a day starting with mail blank? Surely we would, but we ended up keeping many things in the mail that the end is very uncomfortable. Same with electronic signature certificates for access to electronic filing to the administration, to cite two examples common or important aspects such as our website.

Finally, we must consider the importance that today we have for mobile devices, smartphones, laptops, etc. that often they are not included in the backup systems.This is essential to have a comprehensive system that also cover us both data and often valuable contacts we have when we work on mobility.

Where do backup

It is usual to copy data to another device. Here we have to choose between magnetic tapes, widely used historically, RDX tape, a minority format, an external hard drive or a recordable DVD or backup cloud storing data online. Today the most commonly used are external disks, especially due to the cheapening them.

The chosen format also depends on the amount of data you want to copy, since the space of devices such as DAT tapes or DVDs is more limited or different units are required when we have to copy a lot of data. We must also take into account the speed of reading and writing, and it will influence the time of the copy and restore data.

Also, the time you want to store backups or how many want to save. If our daily backup is 20 GB, and we want to save the whole week, we will need a minimum of 100GB of space, if we want to save the entire month, we go over 4TB of data.

Type of copy we can make

Regarding the types of copy we can do we have to choose from the following:

  • A complete copy, which keeps us on the external device all the data we have marked to include in the backup. It has the disadvantage that they can be a lot of GB of data to move, so it may take a while to run. Its advantage is that data recovery is usually faster.
  • Differential copy, which in this case copy only files that have been changed since the last full copy made. The big advantage is that it does not move as many data in daily copies. It is often used to back in the day while the weekly is triggered once a week or fortnight. The disadvantage is that if we want to recover data that is not in the latest copy, we need to review previous or get full to do so.
  • An incremental backup copies the data that has changed since the last backup that has changed since the last backup made, whether this has been complete or differential. Its great advantage is that copies only files that have changed on that day, so much smaller volume.

Keeping backup

Many companies keep a monthly historical, which keep a complete copy of every month this year. When you close the year saved an annual copy all data. Differential or incremental backups are not usually kept beyond a week, as it also makes no sense. For this reason, the DAT tapes were a good choice because they were copying up the day of the previous week.

These copies must be guarded and can not leave the company. Moreover, if they include a copy of the personal data of members of our company or clients will be subject to compliance with the Data Protection Act regarding your treatment.

If we want to have a copy outside the company, a copy would use for recovery in case of disaster, it is important that this copy is encrypted as if any reason is lost or suffers a theft these data should not be accessible to third parties.

The same would apply to online backup systems where security access to data can not sell them with the same nonchalance that the credentials of access to many services or computers are used in many companies. Nothing I have it pointed in a sticky note on your screen.

Backup is a job that we must take seriously in the company because sooner or later an incident will occur and we’ll lose data. It is at that time when all the work planning and supervision of copies made can take it for good.

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