How to improve your store finder online

How to improve your store finder online

If you run your own online store already know that optimize it for search engines, like Google, it is vital to attracting more traffic and increase sales.

However, although attract visitors are important, in fact, the aim is that visitors stay on your site and encourage them to buy.

Unfortunately, many online marketers focus only on the optimization for the major search engines and forget their own page.

Keep in mind that many customers coming to your website do not navigate to find what they want, so go directly to the search bar to locate the exact product you are looking for.

In fact, the data indicate that more than 95% of customers leave the site immediately if you do not find what you need with the search page. A search is unsuccessful, a customer less and the possibility of a sale fizzles.

Most e-commerce platforms do not offer what you need for an effective search engine.The misspellings and synonyms may be penalizing your sales.

store finder onlineHow to improve

Improve your store finder is your thing

It is true that most customers find your products through Google and come directly to the product page or category. But there are also many potential customers using the integrated search engine websites.

What you have to do is include specific search terms for products to help customers find answers and stay on your page.

Records all searches

If you want to have a complete view of what you’re looking for on your site, records all searches. You can detect patterns and irregularities and make adjustments so that searches deliver results even when the user makes a mistake. These are the main points where you have to look when you analyze your site searches: Synonyms; plurals; abbreviations; and misspellings.

It offers your customers a simple way to refine searches

This method can be used with a large number of errors and misspellings that arise when analyzing customer searches.

Add specific keywords to search your products

These are words that may not appear in the name, title or product description.However, you want these products are associated with certain common searches on your site.

If your e-commerce is Prestashop, for example, how to optimize the search is very simple, in the backend select: Administration Panel> Statistics> Searches in the shop

Assign each word or phrase into a category: a. misspellings or synonyms b. Attributes or descriptions

For spelling errors or synonyms, think what keyword you would like to redirect your customers, what is done in: Administration Panel> Preferences> Search

For attributes or descriptions, look for products that fit those descriptions and add keywords as tags, like this: Management Panel> Catalog> Product> Information Tab.

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