In social networks you have to be but not to be

In social networks you have to be but not to be

In the last 5 years there has been a real boom in everything related to the field of social networks and new media. I still remember when 3 years ago in every training I had with any client, people asked if this social networks was a fad. My answer was always the same. The networks are here to stay.

Digital Marketing I do not know if I am old enough to dedicate myself to itPeople contribute content and the platform encourages conversations, so Facebook (and brands) saw that they could have a place in these conversations, but at last in a different way. Now the brand listens to the user, the user can communicate bi-directionally with the brand. A private individual has the brand within their reach, for whatever it may be.

Now it is the user who will interact on his own with the brand interested in it, and will listen to what he says because the content it offers is interesting. And not only that, but also as a user we will find great added value in this communication: exclusivity, immediacy and interactivity.

On the other hand, the word of mouth generated is huge, the virality , the recommendations, the prescribers … The conversations that are going to be generated are going to interest our contacts, that precisely by affinity of interests will be impacted in the second degree by that information, at zero cost and with a totally different perception of the brand, as it is recommended by a contact of trust with similar interests.

We can compare it with the internet principles when, the brands realized that they should have a website. Now basically “you have to be but not be there”. We are not worth anything fans or followers if we do not know what to do with them, or what to communicate.

Caring for this mass of followers is key in our communication strategy, providing relevant content. This last line is key, and this is where in recent years the strategic capabilities of the agencies have led to the development of processes that facilitate this communication in a sustainable way.

For all these reasons the demand for new professionals is huge, figures such as social strategy managers, community managers, or social media planners,are professions with a great future since the majority of brands still have to develop their digital strategies, and provide a service to the consumer through the networks. All this can not be done lightly, and the demand for qualified jobs is increasingly necessary. We have more and more data, more studies and more tools that will help us develop this.

In this sense and in the field of training, there are more and more options and offers that try to cover this new demand in an integral way through specialized courses and masters in Social Media, taught by professionals with more experience than they currently develop These tasks in top-level companies in the field of social media.

Finally, in this scenario that remains alive and dynamic, the new media are the spearhead of the digital domain, intimately related to technology at the service of marketing and advertising, we are witnessing an evolution that will require us to be continuously updated, for the simple reason that we are in a sector conditioned by technological advances, which are many.

In short, an exciting way to “be” and be part of.

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