The importance of the creation of Content as a Marketing strategy

The importance of the creation of Content as a Marketing strategy

There is no doubt at this point of the great importance of the content strategy within a larger marketing strategy. The benefits of proposing a good content strategy means that more and more companies get into the car of generating their own content, in order to achieve a relevant position in their sector.

As an example of this statement we will use on this occasion the data provided by Contentoz obtained through a survey of 200 participants with profiles on Social Networks.

Worried About Your Business's Reputation These Tips Can Help!Not all users use social networks for the same purpose, some personal and others professional, with 9% and 6% respectively, although the combination of both uses is the majority option, with 85% of the users surveyed.

On the other hand, the presence of users on social networks is not limited to one platform, but rather, they are usually present in more than one, with 70% of users having profiles, at least on three platforms. Of the respondents, 15% only have profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, 23% are present on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus, and 32%, in addition to the aforementioned, are registered users of the social network Youtube.

As an illustrative figure of the growing importance of content, it should be noted that 77% of users questioned claim to have their own blog that they use as a base of operations, whether professional or personal, while only 4% do not have a blog.

Users consider that a brand must have a blog to share and create good content. However, 69% think that it is fundamental for brands, to be able to create engagement. On the other hand, although all point to the importance of creating content, the time dedicated to its creation varies according to the user, being those who spend more than three hours of their time 11%, those who spend 1 to 3 hours 58% and 31% those who spend less than an hour writing content.

We must also establish a frequency of posting that benefits us, being optimal to publish daily, although we can not do it for lack of time. Of the users surveyed, 51% said they publish daily, 34% do it weekly, 23% several times a week, 8% update their blog every two weeks and 20%, monthly.

After publishing content on our blog it is necessary to give it an outlet, for which most of the users surveyed claim to use social networks, in a percentage of 92%, for a variable time. Regarding this data, the survey states that 23% dedicate less than 30 minutes to the promotion of its content, 46% on average to one hour, 23% spend between 1 hour and an hour and a half on networks, and only 8% spend more than three hours to disseminate their contents.

The study also shows the importance for users of the original content, with 56% of them being willing to buy original content.

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