All of these things can be outsourced to a virtual PA

A virtual PA can save hours every week for business employees and bosses, and it is becoming increasingly easy to find freelances who will perfectly match the needs of individual companies. Areas of expertise are now extensive in the virtual PA marketplace. Here is a look at a few of them.

All of these things can be outsourced to a virtual PA

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Virtual assistants are available to keep tabs on business bills and other financial matters. Small businesses can share bookkeeping systems with virtual PAs, allowing them to complete tasks such as chasing up unpaid bills or outstanding invoices. More information on the benefits of outsourcing for small businesses can be found on the FSB website at

Online research

This is a really easy task to outsource, whether a business needs information uncovered from corporate websites, new products explored, or business contacts and potential employees vetted. There is also scope to use virtual PA services to find topics for blogs or even to proofread blog entries once written, making them a versatile and multi-tasking choice for many businesses.

All of these things can be outsourced to a virtual PA 2

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Database entries

Virtual PA services such as those offered by are perfectly placed to help keep databases up-to-date, whether that means inputting new contacts after a business conference or updating existing contact information. This ensures that follow-ups are as easy – and as potentially lucrative – as possible and prevents businesses from losing custom or being able to foster new relationships due to poor information kept on file.

Data presentations

Virtual PAs can save time on meeting preparation by summarising research findings or creating PowerPoint presentations. Once given the data, virtual PAs can turn it into information that can be shared easily.

Managing emails

Trawling through emails can be incredibly time-consuming, but virtual PAs can filter communication, responding to some and only passing on the most important ones as required.

Social tasks

Social tasks are vital in maintaining good relationships with employees, contacts, clients and customers, but they can be hard to fit in during a busy work week. Virtual assistants can take the strain, however, sending out thank-you notes or birthday and Christmas cards.


Virtual assistants can take over calendar management for clients. This may include handling meeting invitations and scheduling client appointments. They can also be tasked with helping to organise events or initiatives.


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