What are 2018’s top office technology trends?

Technological advances happen all the time. Perhaps the most dramatic of these upgrades take place at work, altering how we communicate and our daily tasks. Sit-stand desks, for example, have made us more flexible and changed the way we work. As advances wash over us, we adapt seamlessly to the changes, becoming more productive and finding increased job satisfaction.

What are 2018’s top office technology trends

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Cloud computing

While we’re used to document sharing and instant messaging, data access beyond the office is becoming a necessity given remote working. Cloud computing enables cohesive working wherever you are, at any time.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition has been around a while in the form of voice assistants on smartphones. Sending messages, arranging meetings and typing notes are smartphone tasks being used in the office.

What are 2018’s top office technology trends 2

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Amazon’s Alexa for Business has taken voice recognition and activation to the next level. Alexa can simplify tasks including:

– Organising your schedule
– Making phone calls and conference calls
– Finding information
– Controlling conference room equipment
– Ordering new supplies.

Video in the workplace

Video technology continues to be implemented in the office. Video conferences and presentations are now common with so many remote workers in employment. Interviews and training are also used for the technology; interactive video content can be readily seen on smart devices instead of having to maintain a trainer.

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Advanced cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats have emerged as technology advances. More remote working has prompted an increase in hackers attempting to access linked devices and online documents. More advanced cybersecurity is being put in place to counter these attacks.

The future

As technology advances, employees are no longer stuck in their office cubicles at their desks all day long. Instead, they work in many different office environments and from their own homes. Upgraded technology enables them to come and go at will.

Hot desking allows access to Wi-Fi both inside and outside the office. Meanwhile, traditional filing cabinets and monitors are being superseded by laptops, phones and handheld smart devices.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining a foothold in the office by automating routine tasks.

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