The corporate website, that big forgotten

The corporate website, that big forgotten

Nobody doubts the need to have a website for your company, there are even many who already have their personal website or blog. No wonder that even bridal couples who are going to get married, set up their own website to post photos and videos of their wedding and honeymoon. It is clear that technology has changed the way we relate. The problem is that sometimes we forget that technology is a tool, a means, and not an end in itself.

Factors That Help You to Build a Cheaper, Quicker Website2Nowadays, any company has its own website, with better or worse design, or bigger and smaller functionalities. As before, we always asked about the neighborhood where a store was located to judge whether it was good or not, now we go first to snoop on its website, reaching the point that if a company does not have a website, we immediately distrust She, forgetting that what matters is the people behind it, not how they sell their product.

The corporate website has become something that is obligatory to have, it is a “must” as the Anglo-Saxons say. A company that is born without having bought a domain and having at least one website under construction is not conceived. Incredible as it may seem, many companies have before website that commercials selling, something that would seem crazy to anyone over 50 years. But many times, the tree does not let us see the forest and we do not realize that the pages of the companies are really the forgotten ones, nobody stops to think with what function is created, and if they respond to the real needs. They are carried out almost automatically, counting who we are, what we sell, and how to contact us. Few people analyze in depth what their clients do when visiting them: where they stop, in which page they are abandoned or which content is the most attractive. No, that is not important, we are only concerned about the number of visitors and the number of forms we have received.

But let’s think for a moment, do our websites respond to the real need of our companies and, above all, to the real needs of our customers?

From my experience, I can tell you that unfortunately, the answer in most cases is no. As it happens in many marketing decisions that companies make, the criteria by which they decide to do something are not usually the most suitable for that action itself.

Let’s think for a moment about the website of the company where we work. When this was carried out and launched: Did you really think about what was the prototype client of the company? Did you think about what the company sold? Or what was the message you wanted to convey to potential customers and the market? Surely not. Normally the decision that prevails when making a website is the design. Perhaps the most experienced study what the competition does and even copy it, without knowing if the criterion that these have followed is correct or not, but thinking that if they have done so, “it will be something”. More or less, this is like choosing a car for a commercial, which has to go to see customers, for the color and its design, regardless of whether it consumes a lot,

Let’s not forget, that the website is the first image that many customers have of our company. A website has to support our message, both at the design and content level.

A website has to give value to our clients, whether it is merely informative or if it is an element of relationship where they can contact us and have an answer.

A website is our door to our company to the world, and we have to decide how we want people to come in for it. Therefore, when thinking about making a new website, or changing what we have, we must stop for a moment and think: What will be the utility that my clients will search on my website? information or wait for a meeting point where we solve your doubts ?, Do you want to know what our latest releases or information about discontinued products? And even ask ourselves, do I need a website or what is really going to solve the needs of my clients is a profile on a social network like Facebook or Tuenti?

My advice is that we do not do things without thinking only because everyone does it, standard solutions no longer exist, we live in a world where everyone can create their own solution, technology has allowed us to do so. And never forget a maxim: “Every minute spent thinking before launching a marketing action, is one hour less than headaches.

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