45% of companies increase their advertising investment in social networks

45% of companies increase their advertising investment in social networks

According to the study carried out by the global public relations network Eurocom Worldwide, 45% of European companies are increasing the budgets allocated to the actions and strategies of marketing and advertising in social networks.

Companies can no longer conceive of their marketing strategies without their presence in social networksThe study also highlights the importance for social network companies such as Facebook or LinkedIn as a source of information when consulting profiles of potential or future employees and / or workers.

Mads Christensen, Media and Internet Director of Eurocom Worldwide stated that “the personal information available in this type of networks can initially become a good reference for companies”.

In this regard, the results of the study indicate that 37% of technology companies examine profiles of social media to determine the suitability of potential employees “for work.”

Among other data and conclusions, the report highlights that 27.7% of companies will implement upward variations in global advertising spending, while 21.7% will allocate new investments to advertising and marketing actions through the media and social networks.

The report highlights the different strategies used, with public relations being the most efficient for 46.7 of the companies and executives surveyed, followed by online marketing strategies (45.3%) and advertising (37.2%).

Regarding the type of means used by companies to enhance their communication, the use of blogs again increases by 5% with respect to the data collected in their previous report last year.

In this sense, 56% of companies say that this type of media helps in their communication processes and as an effective tool to interact with their potential customers and consumers, as well as being considered as a tool with which to improve their positioning in the sector.

However, in a contrary manner, the rest of the companies do not use this type of tools, generally due to their lack of time or the lack of added value within their strategies.

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