Online advertising, key to inform us when buying a product

Online advertising, key to inform us when buying a product

Microsoft Advertising in collaboration with Carat today unveiled a new report on the most influential factors that hide behind consumer purchasing decisions, with a view to the January sales. The report, entitled “New Shopper Journeys” (new ways for buyers), reveals that despite the growing importance of “free advertising” through, for example, social networks or recommendations, paid advertising in Internet is still the factor that most influences consumers when deciding on a purchase in the consumer electronics sector.

The new marketing rch in data, poor in analysisThree-quarters (73%) of the 1,739 buyers in the study who searched and bought home electronics products for the past six months, agree that Internet advertising is “a good source of ideas and information” when it’s about buying a product. The results are a signal for some brands that although free advertising has an increasingly important influence on consumers, the marketing teams of the sector should not stop concentrating on well-developed and executed, specific digital advertising campaigns with the resources necessary, taking into account that the January sales encourage consumers to continue spending after Christmas.

The study highlights the importance of research in consumer purchasing decisions, especially in the consumer electronics category. More than two-thirds (68%) of consumers who purchased home electronics products (a computer, a television or a mobile phone) had thoroughly investigated before making the purchase during the previous six months. Before embarking on the research phase only 4% of consumers had chosen a specific brand and only an additional 13% changed their mind when making the purchase. This suggests that this stage of the consumer’s purchase development represents the moment when opinions begin to take shape, leading to a concrete decision. The Internet is the most popular source of information during this period.

Marisa Manzano, Commercial Director of Microsoft Advertising, comments: “There is no doubt that free advertising is becoming a more important part of digital advertising media, but this research shows technology companies that a creative advertising campaign and well-planned is still the safest way to inform and inspire potential clients, and, as our recent study shows, the importance of the research phase should not be underestimated.It is essential to understand this idea and develop integrated and diversified campaigns to conquer hearts approaching the January sales. ”

This study also shows that there is evidence that developing campaigns through various channels such as PC, mobile, games and TV – multiscreen advertising – can provide impressive performance for advertising investment. According to the data, 24% of consumers access their mobile phone while shopping mainly to compare prices on the Internet. With the implementation of smartphones in exponential growth, advertisers are increasingly facing a situation in which the consumer is connected to the Internet until the last moment, just before delivering the credit card in the box. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that a brand is present in several channels, especially through mobile, to capitalize on this emerging trend in favor of distributors.

Caroline Vogt, director of customer loyalty of Carat comments: “It is essential for agencies and companies that want to engage with their public understand the impact of a digital environment in continuous evolution on the way that consumers relate to brands and make purchases The results of this study demonstrate the importance of own channels such as the websites of brands and distributors, on the decision-making process, combined with the permanent capacity of advertising on the Internet as an essential source of Information: Applying this point of view this January will be a valuable approach for brands and distributors. “

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