UK government unveils a new strategy for building homes using technology

The government in the UK has unveiled an innovative partnership in conjunction with the country’s construction industry that will see an increase and acceleration in home building through the use of new technology.

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What will it involve

The partnership will invest €475.5 million with the aim of forcing a transformation to the way construction is carried out in the UK. Its aim is to speed up construction and look into new forms of energy efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint of newly constructed buildings in the UK.

Money will be spent on research and development into new ways of manufacturing, including offsite manufacturing, which is expected to reduce construction times by an incredible 50%. It will also result in an improvement in design technologies and digital building techniques.

The government has also outlined a proposal to increase the number of people working in the construction industry through an apprenticeship scheme that will see 25,000 apprenticeships created by 2020. The investment will include £34 million on new training methods.

Housing shortage

The UK must build 340,000 homes per year until 2031 if it wants to meet demand, according to The Independent. The government has already promised to create 1.5 million houses by 2022, providing business for the construction sector and companies such as involved in concrete pumping Gloucestershire.

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The government’s own figures reveal that close to half the UK’s economy relies on the built world environment. As a result, faster construction times, in addition to better productivity and improved energy efficiency, could have a large economic and environmental impact on the country as a whole.

Affect on homeowners

The focus on energy efficiency is likely to impact on homeowners and increase the chances of reduced energy bills in the future. Speaking about the government’s investment, Greg Clark the UK’s Secretary of Business & Energy said that the construction industry was an essential part of the country’s economy and fundamental when it came to economic growth. He added that the UK needed a construction industry that was able to drive innovation, providing homes and infrastructure at a more rapid pace. He also said that the country should be at the forefront of designing and building homes that were affordable yet energy efficient.

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