Media and Advertising agencies should make advertisers aware that the future is online

Media and Advertising agencies should make advertisers aware that the future is online

The advertising market is undergoing a constant process of “evolution and metamorphosis” to adapt to the new trends and habits of consumers. In spite of the fact that all the existing communication media are still present in this market, the fact is that every day that passes, the weight and importance of the internet medium continues to increase and monopolize greater relevance and prominence.

Business strategyAccording to the data reported by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and PricewarterhouseCooopers (PwC), advertising investment on the Internet increased by up to 7.5% during the first quarter of the year in the US alone. Despite the fact that television continues to hold the largest share of the market with 52.6% of total advertising investment, the current current trend and the most daring forecasts predict that within a period of between 5 and 8 years, between 30 and 50 percent of advertising will be digital.

Given this possible scenario, media and advertising agencies must prepare to face a new era where online advertising will go directly to the foreground. Agencies must be prepared to act through this medium, get to know it, know how it works and be able to offer real and effective solutions directly. However, there is a determining factor that requires some risk and sacrifice. And it is without doubt the fact of raising awareness among its own clients and advertisers that “the future of advertising is online” and digital.

Although it may be an easy task, the truth is that today many advertising agencies continue to ignore this great generational and technological change inculcating a false reality and wrong philosophy, and trying to sell million-dollar advertising formulas through media such as television without explaining which are the trends and changes that are occurring nowadays.

In this sense, mention the results of recent studies that indicate that 70% of consumers access the Internet while watching television while 34% say they access the Internet during television advertising breaks, to which they add, other data such as that they indicate that more than 75% of the viewers affirmed to change of channel or to avoid the announcements during the publicity.

We have to say it clearly. The television advertising market continues to survive because there is a whole organized industry that generates millions of profits and jealously keeps its own interests. That said, this should not be different from what happens in any other market or professional sector but in this case, they are denying and hiding the evidence that puts both their effectiveness and their real impact in between.

The media and advertising agencies that intend to maintain a dominant position in this new advertising market scenario must make a strong bet against many of their current ideals to adapt to the new times. But the truth is that many of the traditional agencies are not yet prepared or have the resources and professionals needed to meet this new demand and therefore resort to outsourcing services companies and innovative agencies that do know how to take advantage of the possibilities of the online medium and they know perfectly how it works, as well as the habits and trends of new consumers.

This lack of knowledge or lack is sometimes safeguarded by resorting to clichés as excuses, and above all, knowing that the big advertisers are still willing to pay millions in advertising for “creative and sometimes absurd” advertising, focused on the public television.

Here the problem does not reside exclusively in the amount of the investment or the money itself, but knowing how to use it doing a good job, attending to the new habits of consumers and knowing what kind of means to use to reach them and seduce them.

Nike recently surprised us with a new spot full of stars for the World Cup in the framework of its global campaign “Write The Future”. The success achieved by this advertising campaign is an example of how to execute a strategy through a mix of media, but undoubtedly, the Internet has been the channel through which it was possible to achieve a greater impact and impact with a strong viral component . From blogs and media to social networks have served as a speaker and thread of a whole strategy turned into a social phenomenon.

Arrived at this point. Would this new campaign have achieved such repercussion and impact without the existence of this type of media and channels? So … let’s ask the advertising agencies. What are we selling?

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