4 Trends 2016 Web Design

4 Trends 2016 Web Design

As happens in any other field of design, web design trends come and go over time, largely due to advances in technology.

Some of the trends discussed below arise as a result of improvements, continuations or combinations of several techniques. In any case, the 2016 both responsive design as the flat will accompany us.

Want to know what will be this new year? Keep reading!

  1. Animation

The goal is not simply to impress users, if not entertain them. A good option for achieving this is through animation. As user experience has become more interactive, animation has become an essential part of the narrative of a website.

There are several types of animation that you can integrate into your website:

1.1 Animations load

It is used to entertain and occupy while charging users a new web page. These elements are not a new trend but more and more popular. They are especially useful for sites that require a large bandwidth or offer interactive pages.

1.2 Moving Animations

What is the easiest way to catch the attention of a user? By moving. Moving animations can be a powerful marketing tool. Joining minimalist designs are a sure way to arouse the interest of the user.

Smooth scrolling and scrolling 1.3

It allows a smooth transition between pages and site elements. Besides being fun, this trend also allows users to go at your own pace and reduce eye fatigue.

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This type of animation responds to any movement of the mouse on the content of the web so that the experience becomes more intuitive.

  1. New minimalist design

When it comes to web design, less is often more. The flat design has been much talk this year and continues to be popular in 2016 a fresh start.

This is the material design. This trend is inspired by ink and paper incorporates depth effects, shadows, transitions and animations known minimalist design.

If you combine this type of design with animations we talked about in the previous point you get an incredible design.

  1. typefaces as a graphic resource

The typography has been a staple for marketing and web design for a long time. But now it is not only to communicate a message but to illustrate letters. If you dare to this trend hire a good designer to create a unique font for your website, thus will achieve make a difference.

  1. More artworks and fewer pictures

The photographs will be replaced with custom fonts that connect with the viewer. As in the previous point, have the support of a good designer will be key to transmit and tell a good story.

What did trend call you the most? Would you like to implement some of them in your web?


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