Using Google’s Latest Update to Voice Search to Improve Site Visibility

Using Google’s Latest Update to Voice Search to Improve Site Visibility

Google has made its voice search capabilities smarter, rolling out an update that delivers a number of improvements. Companies should contact web designers in Taunton if they want to unlock the secrets of boosting visitor numbers by optimising for this new state of affairs.

It is also important for site owners to get a general understanding of how voice search operates following the recent update, since this will lay the foundations upon which an effective marketing strategy can be built. So here are some of the key changes made to this mostly mobile-oriented search function.

Getting to Grips with Superlatives

Searching by voice rather than typing out queries means that users are invariably more conversational in the things they enter into Google. And also the composition of questions may be more general, with superlatives used in order to find out multiple pieces of information rather than a single bit of data.

Using Googles

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To this end, Google has improved the ability of its voice search to embrace these superlatives and figure out the intent of users when they search for things like celebrities’ heights or ages. Asking who is the oldest member of the band One Direction and getting the right answer is now possible. So when crafting content and copy, sites should take this into account, since top 10 lists and other articles which rank individuals or items based on a particular superlative will be more impactful in terms of SEO.

Firms like will be able to assist businesses with the process of keeping up with the changes Google enacts. And the voice search update is just one of the shifts that needs to be considered at the moment.

Combining Information

Superlatives are handled far better by voice search following the update, as Google has also made it easier for users to find information when the query is posed in a way that requires two separate sources to be tied together. This means that it is possible to ask who was the US president when a particular pop star was born or died, in short meaning that the search can respond in a more human way to complex queries.

Voice search is still far from perfect, but it does present the opportunity for businesses to make their sites more visible and searchable for deeper queries and topics.

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