The world is already multi-screen

The world is already multi-screen

To better understand how the multi-screen revolution is changing everyday life, Google has commissioned two global studies, “Connected Consumer” with TNS and “Our Mobile Planet” with Ipsos to explore various aspects of multi-screen life and conclude that in the world Multi-screen is already here.

The world is already multi-screenThe growth in the use of mobile devices has been spectacular in the last two years. The use of smartphones in has increased 55% in two years, while the use of tablets increased this year by 21%, compared to a 7% increase in 2012

The explosive growth in the use of multiple devices has had a great impact on the lives of the people. 74% of smartphone users connect to the Internet with their mobile phone every day. Of these, 59% do web searches from the mobile daily. What’s more, 89% of smartphone users have searched for local information and 77% have taken some action accordingly.

Studies also show that people are more concerned about the context than the device they have at hand at the time. This means that advertisers should focus on that context: What time is it? What is its location? How far are you from your destination? And make sure that the web is adapted to all devices.

The study also points out that smartphones change the way users buy. Devices allow them to search for products anytime, anywhere. The study notes that 80% of users have searched for a product or service on their phone; In 41% of cases, the search from the smartphone is transformed into an online purchase and 31%, in a purchase in store. In addition, 63% of users who purchase from their smartphone, purchase products from the phone at least once a month.

Smartphones help advertisers connect with their consumers. Mobile ads are viewed by 83% of smartphone users. These devices are also a key component of traditional advertising (56% of users have searched for a product or service from their phone after seeing an offline advertisement on that product), allowing greater user interest.

With all of the above, it is necessary for advertisers to adapt to this new multi-screen world. The different companies have to make the mobile the central part of their strategy to be able to benefit from the opportunity to connect with this new consumer constantly connected.

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