9 website design trends for 2017

9 website design trends for 2017

As with clothing and interior design, website fashions change over time and it is important to keep up to speed with all the latest developments and trends. Do not let your competitors grab the advantage – make sure your site attracts high-value attention for all the right reasons in 2017. Here are some ideas to get you started:

9 website design trends for 2017

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1 Teamwork between designers and developers

Web developers are used to having the upper hand; however, an emphasis on great design means that collaboration will be a key element for successful websites in the coming year. Designers and developers will be interacting at every stage to ensure great-looking websites that function seamlessly.

2 Layouts that facilitate great content

People want to read, and engage with, website content. This year, layouts will make it easier for people to find what they want easily. Content is still king in the online world, with web designers ensuring that information is intuitively displayed.

3 Clear messages

We will see more use of simple, easy-to-read fonts offering a clear and concise message to the viewer.

4 Better workflow systems

Workflow and Drupal design agency insiders are reaping the benefits of dynamic visualisations that benefit their customers. Agencies such as https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-development-agency can offer speedy turnarounds, ensuring customer satisfaction at every stage.

5 Scalable vector graphics

Known as SVGs, this new system of rendering graphics allows resizing without pixellation, creating a more sophisticated look for websites.

6 Innovative layouts

The introduction of Flexbox and CSS Grid will allow websites to move away from the columns and boxes of traditional layouts and create new layouts based on graphic design principles.

7 Bright and bold colours

Colours are not only going to be brighter than in previous years but also we are also going to see lots of colour graduation.

8 Animations

According to tech media company The Next Web, there is going to be a steep rise in the use of website animations this year. Useful for ‘how to’ guides and easier than lengthy text explanations, animations are set to be the web developer’s friend over the course of 2017.

9 Improved design tools

Responsive design has changed the face of website development. It gets an upgrade in 2017, with constraint-based design tools allowing intuitive resizing of web layouts without needing designer input for each format.

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