Social Media Strategy: Where to start?

Social Media Strategy: Where to start?

Whether you are a totally offline company outside the digital world or a 100% digital company, not participating in social networks is no longer an option.

In many ways, today’s social networks represent a new engine of discovery. Consumers and potential customers are sharing with their friends and colleagues websites that they like through their desktops and, increasingly, from their mobile devices.

According to eMarketer, more than 1.4 million people worldwide have used social media in 2012. Although the global audience is huge, it is by no means unified. It is clear that companies of all sizes need to adopt a social media strategy because our connections are increasingly made through social networks and this helps us to know the behavior of customers more and more. So, if it is so essential, where to start?

Social Media Strategy Where to startAnalyze your competition  

I recommend monitoring the presence of your competitors in social media. Why? Because in this way we will have a first base, it will provide a framework and its possible deficiencies of the fingerprint of its competitor. For example, Google remains a platform little used by many companies, even with 343 million users. If the competitor is not using a specific first level social media platform, your business can become a factor of influence with little effort.

However, there are hundreds of social networks and applications that can be tailored to your target audience perfectly and surely that some of your competitors have not discovered.

The core of your social media strategy: Goals and Measurement

Just as all websites have a purpose, so should the social media strategy. A presence in social media without a business objective is like having a website without a contact page. The goals that social networks involve may vary depending on your product or service, just be sure to identify them. For example, one of the goals of social networking could be to support sales by answering questions or posting instructional videos. Another may be to increase customer service.

By setting specific objectives, you can measure the results and calibrate your efforts accordingly. The only thing I have learned about social media is that it is a fast-moving ecosystem. If you know what you want to achieve, you can always optimize tactics for better performance. Or, if the metrics are anemic, this can be the signal to fine-tune the strategy.

Integration with SEO

The dynamics between the contents of social media and shared links with visibility in search engines is undeniable. When planning social media content, make sure that you use slightly the keywords researched by the SEO team or agency. Creating optimized content keywords, which is prone to sharing, will extend the reach of your social media messaging program and attract more participants to your networks on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

With these three basic pillars you will be able to start a solid social media strategy, and if you already have one, it may help you redefine some key aspect.

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