Content Marketing: Do You Have Something To Say?

Content Marketing: Do You Have Something To Say?

Often we talk about content marketing and attraction marketing as if they were technical concepts only aimed at professionals, when in reality are concepts that arise from common sense: a nice name wrapped in cellophane that all it does is highlight a concept obvious.

Who cares if you have nothing to say? Who will follow you if you do not say interesting or new things? These rhetorical questions are the basis of the concepts of both content marketing and attraction marketing, and here are my reasons:

Content Marketing Do You Have Something To SayContent allows you to share your experience

One of the key functions of a blog is to share your experience or knowledge or personal or professional thinking with your audience. In fact, your blog acts as a window through which the public sees what your perspective is. More importantly, blogs also serve as a channel through which the experience can be shared.

When you have a blog and share your opinion or experience, you are giving your audience reasons to follow and subscribe to your blog. The good thing about blogs is that they have utility. No matter what industry you are in, blogs should bring out the best in you, or your business, for the benefit of potential customers / customers / customers.

Content on your web gives you an audience

You are not an island. You must realize that you need an audience that participates and becomes a customer. For this reason, blogs appear as the easiest way to establish relationships with potential customers. Without a blog, that is, with nothing to tell, you will have difficulty reaching potential customers and engaging them. No blog, no one will know you exist

Content connects you with people

Attraction marketing is nurtured by the connections that are established with users and potential customers. Unfortunately, many people think that they can connect with potential customers without offering content. With nothing to say, you can not attract potential customers or build a mutually beneficial relationship with them. (YES! I have said mutually beneficial)

It is necessary to connect

There are hundreds of thousands of people surfing the web looking for clues or useful information and products. All these people need solutions, they need information, and if you offer them what they need … YOU NEED IT !!

Your website reveals your personality

If you stop to think, blogs are an integral aspect of online marketing. In the way of generating your content, choosing the themes, reveals your personality, and you are exposed: for better or for worse … This is essential in attraction marketing, the reason? People connect with people who have an attractive personality: your style, your tone has the potential to attract or drive people away.

Content marketing is the easiest way to make your business or brand known.

You can increase your reach and attract people both inside and outside the network and encourage them to follow you. Remember that the information that is shared through your website not only serves as attraction marketing, but also helps to promote your business and increase knowledge about your brand / company.

Through blogs, people know and understand your brand much better and is more receptive to your messages: you have generated a message of trust. In addition, a user that you have managed to compromise with your brand is a multiplier effect and will let you know others excited so that they too can experience what they are experiencing.

With these advantages, you have no excuse for not using blogs for attraction marketing. If you’re not, you do not exist hard, right? But it is reality!

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