Social Media: A visible transparency in media and companies

Social Media: A visible transparency in media and companies

Transparency, a value so intangible but at the same time, so visible. We have always used this word to describe a sincere and trustworthy person. We also use this term to define the credibility of a company or means of communication. How many times have we not heard the expressions “The transparency of a company” or “This person does not seem transparent”.

Marketing in Social Networks A good start without making excusesWe are in charge of issuing a message and transferring trust to the people around us. This is not an easy task since each individual is a world and their personal situation will make them more or less receptive to receiving information.

Over time, we have become more incredulous, vulnerable and at the same time more vindictive. The media, such as the press or television, have contributed to the cause. In these generalist supports, the sender issues his message and we, the receiver, receive it through the paper or the small screen. What happens with this type of media?

In the opinion of experts like BrandChats professionals , they consider that “the communication between sender and receiver is lost, they can not receive our message or interact with us”. The number of talks we have had with our television or reading the newspaper without receiving any response.

Another question that we always ask ourselves. Why does each medium tell the news in one way or another? If we look at several newscasts or read different newspapers, we can see that the information is counted according to the relationship of the media with other areas. “This newspaper is on the right” or “Now they talk more about football or about time to cover the news about the crisis” are some of the phrases we speculate.

However, this form of communication has changed and evolved. Little by little, the nonsense talks in front of the television are running out. The reason? The presence of social networks in our lives.

In the world of Social Media, we can express our needs and share the news of our interest. The big brands, institutions, general media … receive our messages and their way of dealing with the situation will make that brand or means earn our respect. Now, the agility of response depends on them.

Through social networks we can deduce the way of being of an organization. If it is transparent and attentive to its followers or if it does not want to listen and leaves aside the negative messages. We can also guess if they are quite pending and their response is fast. We can know their involvement through the number of daily or weekly updates or if they have a competent person behind who manages their profiles well.

Actually, it is now when the word “transparency” looms in our heads. The profiles speak without saying anything. “A careless twitter”, “A fan page without answers or negative messages”. Social Media, a visible transparency where non-verbal communication tells us everything.

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