Increase online influence, an imperative for the brand to be successful

Increase online influence, an imperative for the brand to be successful

Social networks have led to the emergence of new channels of communication for the brand, but it has also caused the different companies to play a fierce fight for online influence among themselves. It is an imperative for the brand to be successful, as the owner says, that the brand has the greatest possible influence over other users, since that will make possible a greater link between the client and the brand.

Do brands know what kind of content consumers demandThis imperative does not only apply to different companies, but to all professionals who are dedicated to the dospuntocero, since the best way to succeed is to extend our influence to the maximum number of users possible, which will endow us, as professionals, with greater visibility and greater reputation, something logical, on the other hand.

But to increase our reputation and our online influence it is not enough to tweet with some frequency and publish a post from time to time. For this it is necessary to draw a plan and execute it perfectly, bearing in mind that, for example, we should not enter a competition because we are always in the limelight contributing content of little value, but we should separate ourselves from the bulk of users, analyze what is what interests them and give it to them, it is essential to satisfy the needs of our audience, and we can not forget that, whatever they say, the content remains the king, and will be for a long time. For this reason it is mandatory that we also generate content to position ourselves, not just text, but all the possible content type, always with quality.

On the other hand, we must consider the fact that customers are smart and realize when a brand does not follow a line, when it is not consistent in its facts. For this reason, and taking into account the aforementioned content, it is very important that our brand is consistent and maintains a line, that does not go lurching as far as content is concerned, trying to cover many topics, neither in what refers to the marketing strategies and all the actions included in your plan.

How many of us have called a company and hung up after listening to minutes of music waiting and talking with locutions? To increase our influence it is necessary to show our clients that we are there and that we are capable of responding, and that, in fact, we do. People like to talk to people, to know that there is someone who is attentive to them behind a corporate profile, so we must humanize our brand as much as possible, avoiding robotic profiles that are limited to sending a message without worrying about double communication, profiles that are very far from the previous communication system.

The users do not want us to sell them a product, they want us to create a strong trust relationship between them and us, and that is only achieved by showing that we care.

As always, the secret is in the dough. Mass is communication. Just as we like to be listened to, the client needs to be listened to and taken into account, like a friend and to achieve this, good communication is our best asset. They look for real online connections, so it must be a priority for us to always be in contact with our users and be attentive to what they demand. Communicate to be influential.

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