Four popular website building tools

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the tools available and selecting the best options for your unique requirements is an essential part of building a successful website that reflects the core ethos and values of your business. Selecting the most appropriate website builder for your needs is crucial, so let’s look at some of the most popular options available for your consideration.

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Featuring highly in an Entrepreneur article that discusses easy-to-use website building tools, Wix is a platform that has increased in popularity over recent years, providing its users with the tools required to construct a basic website for free. There are also paid upgrades available that give access to more features, including e-commerce capabilities. Employing drag-and-drop functionality, users do not need to have comprehensive coding or design tools to create a functional website.


As an innovative platform with a variety of functional tools, Squarespace has experienced considerable growth over a comparatively short period of time. Its easy-to-use interface, reasonable pricing plans and extensive security options make the platform an excellent choice for individuals and business owners alike, although some may find the limited customisation options frustrating in the long term.

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Specifically designed for e-commerce sites, Shopify is focused on delivering the design elements and seamless functionality that are imperative for businesses. Offering secure payment options and considered shop layouts, Shopify is an ideal choice for both new and established e-commerce businesses.

To create an ultra-personalised Shopify website, you may choose to work with a professional team specialising in web design in Kent, such as, to help you to create a positive first impression that will ensure your business stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


Arguably less popular than its counterparts, Weebly is an accessible and user-friendly tool for constructing basic yet functional websites. Paid upgrades offer more features, including membership registration and e-commerce opportunities; however, as there are fewer customisation options available, Weebly is arguably a platform more suited to personal websites.

Ultimately your unique business needs will dictate which platform your website needs to effectively represent your brand and consistently deliver a solid user experience for your audience. Regardless of which option you eventually choose, investing time and resources in effective SEO is also important to ensure your efforts are visible and easily discoverable by your target audience.

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