Keys to communication to generate a good reputation in social media

Keys to communication to generate a good reputation in social media

Today’s communication is the basis of all relationships, especially between users and brands, which through feedback get very interesting and attractive results, where everyone benefits.

In the world of social media, it is even more important to have a clear conversation because it can avoid many problems and misunderstandings, in addition to improving our reputation and our SEO.

Keys to communication to generate a good reputation in social mediaTood Bailey, through an interesting article , explains some characteristics that must exist when communicating, as we must not forget that it is a multifaceted and dynamic process that requires adequate planning. He approaches it from the point of view of SEO agencies and clients, but we will go further and extrapolate it to the brand-user relationship, because the similarities are many and the comparison is perfectly allowed.

And the first feature is the quality, in addition to being concise and clear . It is necessary to have a mutual understanding between user and brand, especially in the language that we must use because not all users have the technical level that is needed in many industries to understand something.

It is also necessary to have a high degree of quality in the conversation, because the information we provide must be pertinent and insightful. But it is also necessary to be very concise and not give eternal explanations that will only bore the user and leave detailed explanations only when necessary and appropriate.

It is fundamental at the same time, to have multiple channels open to connect customers with the brand, which will strengthen our reputation from the point of view of customer service.

Second, transparency is necessary . At present, transparency and respect are basic for any type of relationship between users and brands, with the need for the latter to show the former their work and the results that are being achieved, always telling the truth.

And finally, the monitoring of the management to have  relevant metrics and necessary to analyze your own reputation, where we should improve or what we should insist. Users know perfectly when they are being given due attention and value it more than we imagine, to the point only for this determination can they become great defenders of our brand.

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