Almost 40% of social network users avoid interacting with brands

Almost 40% of social network users avoid interacting with brands

Increasingly it used more daily time to browse and chat on social networks.We cut minutes of television, radio and reading newspapers, and spent more than 3 hours surfing the Internet. On average about 37 minutes a day are in social networks. More time yes, but do the same desire to interact with companies and brands?

Given that there are 40% of social media users who do not want to know anything about a brand, strategy and actions must also adapt to consumer willingness to interact with them. No longer enough to segment by age, gender or interests.

Almost 40% of social network users avoid interacting with brandsNumerous surveys and studies on consumer behavior in these platforms, which are most likely to engagement or what time it is easier interaction with them. But rarely it distinguishes between social relationships with friends and keeping exclusively with brands. Forrester has analyzed this interaction and how they talk business users and products in its latest survey Social Technographics Score. It has cataloged social networking users in the US in four different groups that can be extrapolated to other countries and direct marketing actions depending on the segment to which we go:

  • Social skippers.  Those who seek to avoid any relationship with brands. They represent more than 37% of the digital population and most of them, 11%, claims to have brand awareness or preference. But only 6% are receptive to any form of marketing.A despite his disdain for companies and products, this large segment of social Users spent on average 400 euros online shopping quarter.
  • Social stars. They represent 19% of users. Are the stars of social firmly. First, because they spend about $ 897 per quarter and also because those who are somehow claim that there is social interaction with brands. But if you stop having or does not meet their expectations, they have many ballots to become skippers.They are much more receptive than the latter to marketing activities in 33% of cases.
  • Social savvies. Along with the group of social stars are the biggest challenges facing marketers because they is not claiming to speak with companies on social networks, it is simply what they expect to happen. Now they represent 20% of users and are also sensitive to swell the ranks of those who shun any social contact companies. They are not particularly receptive to marketing in general (only 13%) but average spend about $ 407 every three months.
  • Social snackers. They are a passive group “pecking” here and there and somehow appreciate the social interaction with companies but also they are doing life in them. In fact, they are nothing receptive to marketing actions. But they are together with the segment of social stars, the most consumed online, 507 dollars per quarter on average.

Can you identify any of these groups among your followers on social networks? What are more interesting for the marketing strategy that you designed?

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