10 Tools to find and meet your audience on Twitter

10 Tools to find and meet your audience on Twitter

Every second 11 accounts are created on Twitter, the social network of the jorgeos already has 500 million users. Among this vast mass of profiles, do you know how your followers are? How can you find those whose interests match yours? Here are some useful tools that will allow you to separate the gold from the straw:

Twitter and the emotional aspect of following and rewarding the most loyal followersFollowerwonk : Allows you to know how your followers describe themselves, in order to analyze interesting details about the type of information that interests them, their tastes and preferences. This tool gives you very useful data that you can use to optimize your content strategy, as well as discover trends or market niches. For example, if you are a travel agency agency and you discover that “adventure travel” is one of the most common criteria; dedicate part of your publications on Twitter to provide information on this subject.

Tweriod : Do you know when your followers use Twitter? Find out with Tweriod what hours are the most appropriate to launch your message, classified in detail by days and time slot. This way you can reinforce your publications in that period and, with it, increase the visibility for your tweets.

Localfollow : Where are your users? Thank you, this tool will no longer be a mystery to you; You can search by cities and classify them according to their location. Use to strengthen your geolocation campaigns.

Tweetalarm : Monitor when people talk about you and, of course, discover what they say. Tweetalarm sends you a free email to find out this information.

Twellow : Among all the features they provide, they are the ideal tool to search for prescribers, with it you can dive on Twitter and discover the most influential users about your product or services. Make searches based on the sectors that interest you most, know who follows the prescribers. Here you can find authentic followers mines.

WeFollow : Search directory of influential profiles, similar to Twellow. Know in a single glance who the celebrities are in the social network of the bird, as well as which are the most relevant sectors and, of course, who triumphs in each of them.

Filtertweeps : exhaustive search engine for profiles on Twitter. A powerful tool that allows you to dig deep into the twittosphere, until you find the users whose profile interests you the most. It has a high level of filtering, you can search by location, language, number of followers, index of daily activity in the social network, age of the page and many other interesting criteria.

Twtpoll : The best way to know what they think about a topic is to ask them directly. Twtpoll offers you the possibility to launch surveys to your followers; so you can collect valuable information, which will allow you to know specific information about those data that interest you.

Socialbro : A complete tool for managing social profiles on Twitter that allows you to get to know your followers in depth. With it you will be aware of the new additions to your profile, as well as the recent unfollows; You will know which of your followers are especially active, newbies, and even which of them are famous. Among its many features, it is important to know the best time to tweet, as well as the keywords that are most used in your profile and that of your community.

Twunfollow : If you want to know who has stopped following you, this tool will notify you every time a bird has left your nest.

What tools do you use to get to know your followers? Which ones would you add?

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