Increasing sales through Video marketing

Increasing sales through Video marketing

The human being is mainly audiovisual. The consumption of videos prevails over the rest of the content. You have to recognize it, laziness overcomes you at the time of reading; you prefer to sit comfortably to “see what they tell you”. For something YouTube is the second largest search engine, which has already exceeded the figure of 800 million users. Every second, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube. In the words of Robert Kyncl, Vice President of Content on YouTube, it is expected that soon audiovisual content occupies 90% of Internet traffic.

Worried About Your Business's Reputation These Tips Can Help!These are especially relevant data to be used in the content strategy of your company. Web video increases the probability of purchase by 64%, getting customers to spend up to 2 more minutes on our website. All an achievement in the face of the convertibility of the page.

Content versus quality

Consumers look for high value information about the product, they need to know it closely. 85% of buyers consider that the video is very useful when making a purchase decision. Consumers invest 60% of their time on the internet watching videos; which are seen two or more times in more than half of the cases. It is not necessary for your video to compete with the latest Hollywood blockbuster; what is really important is that its content is useful for potential customers. Keep in mind that online video replaces the fact that you can see and touch the product, just as you would in a physical store. Make videos that show your product in detail, from various angles, both inside and outside the packaging; explain how to use it,

SEO for videos

A properly optimized video increases the chances of appearing on the first page of Google results by 53%. For your video to be relevant to search engines, in addition to having the useful content mentioned above, it must be properly labeled. Include a proper description, carefully choose the keywords, which also have to appear in the title and, a very important fact: do not forget to include the url of your page. Remember that the important thing is to refer users to your website.

If you have not yet decided to practice videomarketing, do not hesitate and start creating your videos. Go further and increase your virality: insert them on the main page of your website, share them on your Facebook, include them in your e-mailing campaigns and, of course, create your own channel on Youtube.

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