Trust, a fundamental factor in Social media

Trust, a fundamental factor in Social media

The benefits and possibilities offered by Social Media to all small and large businesses that decide to plant their roots in it are well known by all, so it is not necessary to detail them.

As we mentioned earlier in other articles, Social Media offers the possibility of competing with other companies that otherwise could hardly survive, so it is a tremendous oxygen ball for those small businesses that do not have access to resources that have the biggest companies.

Do brands know what kind of content consumers demandBut Social Media, the new social media, not only offer benefits, but also require great demands from companies that want to be within their ecosystem, demands that many users and brands seem to ignore, thus de-virtualizing the very essence of social networks.

It is clear. Social media is equivalent to conversation and relationships among many users.

So far, these relationships were directly linked, one by one, in a traditional unopuntocero environment, while sharing experiences in a work lunch, but today, things have changed.

The establishment of these relationships is not limited to professionals who are close to us and we can meet personally at any time, but on many occasions, the relationship between professionals is created based on the image that the professional is created in social networks , their reputation, and they do not even get to know each other because of the great distance that separates them.

For this reason it is necessary that we trust in that professional with whom we are going to work and that the partner trusts us, that is the base and the main foundation of the working relationships in social media.

For this we must be honest with ourselves and with others, we must be who we are, with our abilities and our knowledge, and not base a relationship on a deception about our ability to work or about anything else. As you will have heard more than once, trust is like virginity, only lost once.

Without trust there is nothing else.

Users need to trust us, our audience needs to know that we are going to respond to them as they respond to us with a sincere attitude and without folds. Do not forget that in the vast majority of occasions our only talks will be produced in a cybernetic way, and even so, we can collaborate on projects of people who need to trust us as professionals and as people to know that the project will succeed. and not only that, but we are people worthy of the trust they place in us.

Therefore, if we are not where to start, the first thing we must do is to make ourselves known openly and honestly, and with that attitude, start working.

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