Top questions to ask when hiring an event planner for your corporate do

Top questions to ask when hiring an event planner for your corporate do

Organising an event can be a challenge, to say the least, and the easiest answer for many firms is to outsource the event planning to those in the know. Established event planners have the experience, contacts, skills and know-how to help get your event off the ground.

Top questions to ask when hiring an event planner for your corporate do

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Whether you need a corporate Christmas events team or someone to help with a conference, read on for some key questions to ask each company before appointing one for your event.

Experience and expertise

Some event planning companies may have only put on small events and you may need to put on a very large event. Alternatively, they may only be experienced in very large corporate events when you need someone to pull together a small cosy Christmas do.

Fee and cancellation policy

Can you agree a fee in advance? Will there be hidden extras? Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest; instead, go for the one that is most honest about its fees, as it may end up cheaper in the long run. Is there a cancellation policy and can you get a full or partial refund if you cancel in good time? Whether you are planning a summer family fun day or the first of many Christmas corporate events organised by Davis Events or another company, knowing where you stand is very important.

Included services

What services are included in the event planning? Companies may vary wildly on this matter and you need to obtain the best deal. Some event planners may find the venue for you using their own list of contacts, while others may be able to help with services such as travel arrangements, catering, accommodation and/or technical equipment.

Health and safety

Some event planners offer a risk assessment as part of the event planning service. This is an excellent option, as it not only protects the health and safety of attendees but can also save you time and money. You can also use the risk assessment framework they have given you for later events.

Asking these questions during the hiring process will help you to work out which planner is the right one for you. If you want an event to go swimmingly, you need to make sure you have found the best person for the job.

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